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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Day 19 – Tiny Love Gift Pack

Life as a new mom is never an easy adjustment. It certainly wasn’t for me. I had a difficult delivery, a long healing process, and even though a baby who didn’t ever want to be put down. She wasn’t a fussy baby and she was a good eater and decent sleeper, so I never felt like I could legitimately complain, particularly confronted with friends who were far worse off than me. But still. In the beginning, my husband would come home from work and find me still in my pajamas at 6pm, unshowered, cranky and hungry. He was puzzled. How was it, he wondered, during the entire day spent hanging around the house “doing nothing” (grrrrrrr) , could I not find 5 minutes to shower or 10 minutes to prepare my meals? How could I explain it? If I put her down, she cried. So I never put her down.

Then, someone sent us a Tiny Love mobile as a gift, and everything changed. For the 15 minutes that the music played, my daughter would lie happily in her crib, watching the kinetic multimedia show. I could shower. I could toast an English muffin. I wasn’t (so) cranky anymore. After that, I told everyone I knew about that mobile, and I’ve never stopped. I still believe it is one product that should be on every single baby registry, regardless of nursery decor. It has saved my sanity with all three of my kids.

Today’s giveaway is a trio of best-selling Tiny Love toys, including a mobile, a Gymini and Follow-Me Fred, a puppy-on-wheels with lights and sounds that encourage babies to crawl. Enter to win.

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