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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Day 17 – Go Gaga Slide Diaper Bag

Go Gaga Diaper BagTo get the full story behind our relationship with Go Gaga and founder Jill Cartwright, you’ll have to go back to a post I wrote almost two years ago. At that time, the Slide was little more than a great idea. Jill was at the very beginning of her adventure. Now, two years later, I’m so proud of her success. Go Gaga bags have been a hit with moms and dads, (not to mention bicycle messengers, a totally unexpected audience for a diaper bag).

Jill has expanded her product line with the Gondola bag, a forthcoming Messenger bag, and new eco-friendly fabric options. The highlight of the brand is the unique strap, which can be stretched wide over the shoulder to redistribute the weight of the bag. This makes it far and away the most comfortable bag I’ve ever carried. It’s such a popular idea that Jill even makes just the strap, which can be attached to most other bags. The cleverness of the shoulder strap can overshadow the quality of the bags’ interior design, which deserves some accolades, too. These are functional bags that moms or dads will love to wear, and they’re useful long after the baby’s done with diapers.

The Go Gaga Slide diaper bag is our Day 17 giveaway. Enter to win.

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