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Daddy doesn’t need a diaper bag anymore

The new Dad Gear Diaper Vest has finally arrived. This was one of my favorite items at the ABC Show in Las Vegas, where I dragged my dubious husband a half-mile through the convention center to try it on. But he loved it, and I think he won’t be alone.

Dad Gear is a brand new company, but the Diaper Vest is their centerpiece product and it should turn a lot of heads this winter. The vest is constructed of high-end fleece with a hip design that is more urban than backcountry. The genius here is in the pockets. The vest basically functions as a diaper bag, with compartments designed to hold diapers, wipes, toys and bottles, as well as ample space for dad’s essentials, like phone, iPod, keys, etc. There’s even a pocket in back with an actual changing pad. The amazing part is, even fully-loaded, the vest won’t look bulky. They make a Cargo Jacket, too, which is identical to the vest, but with sleeves.

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