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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Cybex Gazelle S vs. Uppababy Vista V2 | Stroller Comparison

Cybex Gazelle S vs. Uppababy Vista V2 | Stroller Comparison

The Uppababy Vista V2 and the Cybex Gazelle S are two great modular stroller options from reputable manufacturers with a history of innovation. Both of these options are comparable in size, function and detail, but differ in important ways that can help decide which one is right for you and your family. Each can be used for up to three children in similar fashions, so I’ve decided to break it down a little depending on how you’re looking at this decision:


As a Single

The Cybex Gazelle is designed for convenience and pizazz while strolling through life. It offers the sleek fashions of Cybex and a boatload of storage to help make travel with baby as convenient and comfortable as possible. In order to achieve this, the underbasket holds about 28lbs and runs from the front of the frame to the back axle. Above that, you can attach a removable storage basket in matching fabrics to the seat, that holds an additional 22lbs. The removable storage bag acts as a convenient place to keep your essentials handy or to use as a shopping basket in stores! The Uppababy Vista opted for a larger underbasket, and they achieved this by not stopping at the back axle of the stroller, extending it with an extra (spring-loaded) support bar that extends the basket an extra 6 inches or more. This seems like very little, but it definitely adds up. The Uppababy Vista’s basket can hold roughly 30lbs, but can fit a larger volume of stuff. 

The strollers have one big difference upon opening the box, namely the bassinet. This also explains a large portion of the price-point differential between the two strollers. The Uppababy Vista V2 comes with the bassinet, whereas the Cybex Gazelle does not (although their Carry Cot can be added separately). This means that the Uppababy Vista is newborn capable from the moment you open the box. While the Cybex Gazelle can attach infant car seats such as the Cybex Cloud Q and Nuna Pipa, with included adapters, its seat cannot accommodate an infant younger than 6 months. The Bassinet included with the Uppababy Vista V2 is also sleep-safe, so it can be used on the Uppababy Bassinet Stand for overnight sleep. This can be used at parents’ houses, while travelling, really anywhere as long as you bring the stand with you! The Cybex Gazelle Carry Cot can only be used for naps in the stroller. 

Both offer great comfort levels for kiddo, tons of recline options and adjustable footrests. The canopies are both equally sun-protected and offer tons of coverage. The fabrics on the Cybex Gazelle may be a little nicer, more plush, but have the disadvantage of being harder to take off and clean. The Uppababy Vista V2 has super easy removable fabrics, although their aesthetics can be a bit zeitgeisty. 

The seat positioning in single-mode of these strollers is another interesting difference. While the Cybex Gazelle’s storage basket is clever, it requires you to put kiddo in the bottom seat on the stroller in order for it to click in. This extra distance can mean a lot to parents, especially when they’re still infants, but so can the convenience. The Uppababy Vista is made to be used on the upper setting when in single-mode, and you can even purchase the Uppababy Vista V2 Upper Adapters in order to raise the seat, bassinet, or car seat height. They’re an essential part of converting your stroller to a double, so grabbing them a bit early can only make the stroller even more convenient. Attaching the upper adapters adds so much space between kiddo and the basket that you can really pile things into the underbasket. For some, the decision can be boiled down to how close they are to baby while strolling. 

Both offer durable wheels, with similar overall weights (roughly 27lbs each) and even similar widths (roughly 25 inches each). Both stand up when folded (which is great for apartments!) and offer similar overall dimensions for storage purposes. 

As a Double

For two children of different ages, the Uppababy Vista V2 has two different weight limits for their seats, whereas the Cybex Gazelle S has equal weight limits. This means the Uppababy Vista can be more limited if there’s a larger age gap between the children using it. If baby number two comes along when your first is nearing 3 years of age, the chance that they’ll comfortably fit in the Uppababy Vista Rumble Seat is significantly reduced. We always suggest stopping by one of our stores to try kiddo in each seat to ensure they’ll fit as long as they may need to. The Rumble Seat has a 37.5lb weight limit, so the Uppababy Vista’s total weight allotment for both kids is 87.5lbs, while the Cybex Gazelle holds 100lbs. The Rumble Seat, while holding less weight, is also predictably narrower and shorter in height, so it may mean putting your toddler in the toddler seat up top  and your infant in the lower seating position. 

Configurations can be tricky, but check out the Cybex Gazelle’s page, as well as the Uppababy Vista V2’s page to see all of the different car seat/seat/bassinet arrangements that can be safely accomplished on each stroller. 

The configuration charts will be useful for twins as well, giving you an idea of what you can have two of at a given time. Thankfully both of these strollers offer the same full functionality in twin mode, allowing you to use two bassinets/seat/car seats at a given time. This means that you just need to once again think about the weight limit aspect.

Car Seats!

The two strollers have different capabilities for car seats as well. As stated earlier, you can purchase adapters for other car seats as well, but the focus here will be on our favorites: the Nuna, Cybex and Uppababy car seats. 

The Cybex Gazelle S arrives with adapters included that allow you to use the Cybex Cloud Q or Nuna Pipa. The adapters included are called Maxi-Cosi adapters because they were originally made for Maxi-Cosi, but many car seat brands are engineered to use these same adapters because they’re already widely available for most strollers. 

Nuna has engineered an easier adapter to use, the Nuna Pipa Ring Adapter for Uppababy Vista/Cruz. This adapter makes the Nuna Pipa series easier to attach and remove than most other adapters. Nuna developed it specifically because so many people have issues with the difficulty of attaching a car seat to  Maxi-Cosi adapters. The Nuna Pipa Series famously offers some of the lightest seats on the market, so having an easier adapter to use frequently edges people toward the Uppababy Vista if they already love or have the Pipa. 

This means that with the Cybex Gazelle you only have the Maxi-Cosi  adapters included in the box for Nuna and Cybex, so you’re going to be most comfortable and convenient attaching Cybex’s own seat, the Cloud Q to your Cybex Gazelle S. The Uppababy Vista V2 also offers the Mesa, which is one of the few car seats that truly requires no adapters to attach to its stroller, it just plugs in where the seat would be. 



There are so many factors going into choosing a stroller, and with these two strollers a lot of people will base the decision on what’s included, how easy it is to use, what car seat they’re committed to, and, if they have another child, how far apart in age the children are. The only other major factor for those in the market should be the accessory options. With newer strollers, you’re frequently looking at aftermarket accessories, whereas the Uppababy Vista V2 has been around for a while now and offers a massive library of Uppababy accessories tailored to fit the stroller. 

Still not sure which stroller is the right one for your family? Reach out to us anytime via email at We’re always happy to talk shop! You can also contact our Baby Gear Gurus via phone (866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST), by utilizing the Product Expert Chat on our website, or by scheduling a video consultation. Finally, get all the advice you need by visiting our YouTube channel!

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