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Drool Baby Expo: Virtual Edition - March 7, 2021 | Free Shipping $49+ | 866-600-BEAN (2326)
Craft kits for a chilly weekend

Craft kits for a chilly weekend

If you’ve been enjoying a staycation this week while the kids are out of school, chances are you’re looking for activities to keep them busy as this (or any) weekend approaches. Craft kits are a perfect way to pass the time, especially when it’s cold outside. Here are five of my recent favorites, and all but the last one are good for both boys and girls.

Bouncy Ball Blast

A great kit for co-ed play dates, this kit makes 6 bouncy balls in a variety of shapes and sizes. The process is easy and fun, and kids love playing with the balls when they’re all done making them.

Kiss Naturals Lip Balm Kit

I adore this kit, because it’s a really fun craft AND it contains high-quality, all-natural ingredients like safflower oil, shea butter, bees wax and essential oils. Not only can you make your own lip balm, but the end product is nicer and better than any lip balm you’d pick up in your local drug store. There’s enough to make 10 little jars of lip balm – plenty for a party or to give away to friends.

Mug Decorating Kit (pictured)

The only thing better than a steaming mug of hot cocoa on a wintry day is cocoa in a mug you designed yourself. This kit comes with blank ceramic mugs and permanent markers, making for instant gratification.

Whipple Cupcake Set

My kids were instantly enthralled with this kit, which comes with a pastry bag full of goo that’s the same consistency as frosting, but hardens when dry. Decorate all kinds of plastic pastries and then turn them into key chains or just add them to the doll tea party tray.

Fashion Headbands

This is a cute, girly craft kit that has enough materials for a whole afternoon of fashion fun. It comes with 10 headbands and enough  ribbons, rhinestones and accents to generously decorate each one. If you have one (and your kids are old enough to use it safely), use a hot glue gun instead of the craft glue that’s included. It makes any kid feel like a pro.


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