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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Confessions of a Toy Copywriter – and a Cool Giveaway

Confessions of a Toy Copywriter – and a Cool Giveaway

For almost a year now, I’ve had a bit of an obsession. Can I trust you with my secret? OK, I love Sticky Mosaics by Orb Factory. There, I said it.

Sticky Mosaics Princess set

As a writer for Magic Beans, I get to play with all the toys I want. I stack blocks, deal cards, enjoy craft projects, play with teeny animal figurines, and build wild formations out of magnet blocks. This is part of my job – I know, not too shabby.

One day, there was a sample pack of something called Sticky Mosaics on my desk. One of our toy buyers was bringing these sets into our stores and wanted me check it out. The idea is simple. When you open any Sticky Mosaics package, there is a cardboard sheet (or crown or card or jewelry box, depending on the set) featuring a design with little numbers. You will immediately think of the paint-by-number sets from your childhood. With Sticky Mosaics though, there is no messy paint. No colored pencils to keep sharpened. Instead, you use the included thousands of colorful, glittery mosaic stickers to fill in the blank sheets.

In order to learn about this product, I decorated a sheet from the Princess set. I wanted to get a sense of the process. About fifteen minutes and a hundred mosaic stickers later, I realized I was really enjoying it. There was something so gratifying about seeing a lively image taken over the blank page, a picture made especially arresting with the metallic and even jewel mosaic pieces. As a neat freak, the clean and easy process appealed to me. I loved the feel of the thick foam mosaic pieces. It was incredibly relaxing and yet engaging – until my co-worker said, “um, are you still playing with that?”

Alright, Sticky Mosaics sets weren’t designed for 26 year olds. I know that. My friends would look at me funny if I whipped one out while waiting for my entree to come at a restaurant. But as long as it’s “research”, I’m able to enjoy this simple yet addictive project.

But if you are shopping for a kid this holiday season, definitely pick up a set of these. Not only will your child stay focused and quiet, but the project results in a pretty picture that’s sure to make her smile. Planning to travel this season? This is my number one recommendation for traveling kids ages five and up.

I just so happen to have a few brand new Stick Mosaics sets on my desk. Being in the holiday spirit, I’m giving away these Sticky Mosaics sets and sharing the  fun with you, our dear readers. Want one? Leave a comment on this post about your favorite Magic Beans toy – the one that belongs to your child, but you end up playing with and enjoying (we promise not to tell the kids). I’ll choose three lucky winners to receive my favorite no-mess craft.

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