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Comparing 3 popular Thule double bike trailers | the Cadence, Coaster XT, and Courier

Comparing 3 popular Thule double bike trailers | the Cadence, Coaster XT, and Courier

How do you pick the best Thule bike trailer when they’re all rated so well? Magic Beans breaks down three popular double models in the Thule Cadence, Thule Coaster XT, and the new Thule Courier!

Expected shipping in Spring, 2022 

Thule already has a huge fanbase in America. If you own a roof or bike rack, and love it, it’s probably by the Thule brand. Their baby products like the Thule Urban Glide 2 stroller immediately catapulted it’s way to the top of the Best Jogging Stroller Lists everywhere. And now their bike trailers (like the Thule Cadence, Thule Coaster XT, and Thule Courier) are carving out a space in the baby gear world for families who spend plenty of time outdoors in a variety of activities. 

All Thule bike trailers are made with steel and aluminum for the highest quality framework, wheels that glide smoothly and silently (no rattling), and undemanding user-friendliness. So it’s first important to know that no matter which Thule bike trailer you choose, it’s going to be one of the industry’s best. The new Thule Courier 2022 and the Thule Coaster XT Double are both dual bike trailer + stroller models while the lower cost Thule Cadence 2 Double remains a bike trailer only. Continue on to see how Magic Beans compares the Thule Cadence, Thule Coaster XT Double 2022, and the Thule Courier 2022 to your family’s outdoor activity! 


Thule Courier 2 Double 2022

Immediately we have to admit the Thule Courier 2 Double 2022 is the best model of the three. On top of having the most features it's really four pieces of outdoor equipment in one: Bike trailer, Stroller, Cargo trailer, and Dog Trailer. It transforms from one set up into another in literally 2-3 minutes so you'll find yourself using it on more occasions/errands than other bike trailers. Biking around town and need to make a stop with your young kids? Instead of carrying 50-lbs of children through a busy store, simply switch the Thule Courier 2 Double from trailer mode to stroller mode. It takes no time and you won't even have to move the kids around to switch it! 

And for the days without kiddos in tow, it transforms into a reinforced-floor cargo trailer, and even a fur-baby trailer with the Thule Courier Dog Trailer Kit 2022!

The Thule Courier 2 Double has two seats but is weight balanced for seamless use with a single child. Each seat is padded with a 5-point harness and plenty of leg room to stretch out. It has built in weather covers, an adjustable handlebar, six reflectors, the most head room, the most cargo space, and it has on-board storage for any trailer/stroller hardware not being used. The Thule Courier 2 Double is a well designed, and exciting piece of baby gear, that every adventurous family will fall in love with!

Four setups: Bike trailer, Stroller, Cargo trailer, Dog Trailer (Thule Courier Dog Trailer Kit)

What’s included with the Thule Courier 2022?

  • Trailer compartment + seats
  • Bike Trailer arm + hardware
  • Stroller wheels + hardware
  • Cargo setup components
  • Built-in weather shields


Thule Cadence 2 Double 2022

The Thule Cadence 2 Double is a lightweight and reliable bike trailer, and Thule’s most cost-effective model! It’s made with the same steel and aluminum materials and engineering as all the other Thule bike trailers so you’re still getting the highest quality gear. The Thule Cadence 2 Double is a bike trailer only (no stroller setup option), with two child seats, roll away mesh sides, moderate rear storage, and perfect for tossing in a trunk at only 22lbs. Since this doesn’t have a stroller option, it’s not ideal for very young toddlers who you’ll have to wrangle in and out of the trailer for each errand into a store. But casual riders and families with at least one older child will love the Thule Cadence 2 Double for it’s smooth performance and swift design! 

One setup: Bike trailer

What’s included with the Thule Cadence 2 Double?

  • Trailer compartment + seats
  • Bike Trailer arm + hardware


Thule Coaster XT Double 2022 

For families wanting to get the most out of their bike trailer but maybe already have a heavy duty double stroller, the Thule Coaster XT Double 2022 is the perfect middle ground. The Thule Coaster XT Double 2022 is a combination bike trailer and 3-wheel stroller. It has two padded seats with cushioned harnesses, breathable mesh sides, an adjustable handlebar, and six reflectors. 

The Thule Coaster XT Double and the Thule Courier 2 Double have three important differences. The former doesn't have the cargo hauler setup nor the pet-friendly setup, and there’s no on-board storing location for the metal bike trailer arm when it’s not being used. But aside from these, you can still transform it from trailer to stroller within minutes, giving you great flexibility and travel options.

Two setups: Bike trailer, Stroller

What’s included with the Thule Coaster XT Double 2022?

  • Trailer compartment + seats
  • Bike Trailer arm + hardware
  • Stroller wheels + hardware


Whichever Thule Bike Trailer you decide on, you’re going to have the best in the industry and most certainly the sleekest designs available! For anyone ordering the Thule Coaster XT Double 2022 or Thule Cadence 2 Double, make sure to pick up a  Thule Bicycle Trailer Rain Cover Coaster / Cadence to keep you rolling and the kids dry through inclement weather. For the Thule Courier Double families, make sure to keep your furry first born secure with the Thule Courier Dog Trailer Kit 2022. And if your a biker AND a runner? Take a look at the top tier Thule Chariot Cross 2 Double for a all-in-one bike trailer/ 4-wheel stroller/ jogging stroller!

There are plenty of compromises you’ll have to make as a new parent but cycling doesn’t have to be one of them. Start planning your first ride, Spring begins in less than two weeks!


To learn more about Thule Bike Trailers or to receive a baby gear consultation, reach out to the baby gear experts at Magic Beans! We’re happy to chat with you anytime at 866-600-BEAN (2326) or over email at And, we offer free shipping on orders over $99!

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