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Cold noses, warm toes

Cold noses, warm toes

Buggy BlanketHere in Boston, the winters can be brutal. Small wonder then, that a local business is continuing to reinvent winterizing accessories for strollers and baby carriers. Brookspond only has two products, the Carrier Cover for the Baby Bjorn and the Buggy Blanket. Their designs have always been a cut above, with thoughtful, parent-centric innovations, but this year, beauty caught up with brains. The 2006 line boasts trendy color combinations and premium materials, like Thinsulate and water-resistant exteriors.

In particular, the new Buggy Blanket Perennial is probably the best cool-weather investment a parent can make. It adjusts to fit a newborn, a 4-year-old and anyone in between. The attachment system is tested to fit almost any stroller on the market. I love the poufy, removable duvet, which adds an extra layer of insulated warmth on the coldest days. We have many colors and styles in stock now. For more information, check out their brand new website,

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