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Classes, classes, classes! New Mom Support Groups and Child Development at Magic Beans

Classes, classes, classes! New Mom Support Groups and Child Development at Magic Beans

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: it takes a village to raise a child, and even the most confident new parents need reassurance, support, and advice when they’re just starting out. As part of our mission to become your one-stop-shop for all things baby and kid, we’re offering a new menu of classes at our Brookline and Fairfield stores, to help you adjust to the early days of parenting, stay busy, and make friends with other parents so you can create your own mini-village!


Here’s what we have on offer:


Magic Beans Brookline

Newbies with Nancy: A New Moms’ Support Group

nancygairNancy was a beloved educator at the late and lamented Isis Maternity, and we’re delighted to welcome her to Magic Beans! At Nancy’s class, you’ll learn about newborn development, learn ways to soothe and comfort your babe, and get plenty of support, encouragement, and advice from the instructor and other new moms.

Nancy is a native of nearby Arlington, MA, and graduated from Yale University before journeying to London, where she trained with the National Childbirth Trust as a childbirth educator, inspired by the births of her own two sons (who are now teenagers). She taught childbirth classes in her North London home, and upon her return to the US, she began teaching both pre- and post-natal classes at Isis, while obtaining her CAPPA certification. She’s also a cabaret performer and acting coach.


Galoop Child Development

cecilia galoopWe already introduced the charming Cecilia Matson last week here at Spilling the Beans, and her classes are about to start on September 8! Galoop classes at Magic Beans are for babies ages 5-11 months, perfect for parents who have graduated from “newbies” and want to connect with other parents and enjoy fun developmental activities with their babes. (Further Galoop classes are available for kids up to 36 months.) Classes are an hour long, and involve circle time, parachute play, structured activities, free play, story time, and a little time for personal consultation so you can get Cecilia’s expert advice.

Cecilia has 20 years of experience working with small children and families, and was also an instructor at Isis, as well as a trainer for other instructors. Her classes are known for being fun, engaging, and relaxing reassuring for parents and kids alike!


Magic Beans Fairfield

New Mom Support Group

jackiesmallDon’t feel left out, Connecticut moms! You can get the same expert advice and reassurance (and the same opportunities to make friends) at Jackie Small’s new mom support group. Jackie’s company, Mindful Mama Care, is dedicated to serving women in their childbearing years, and her all-around experience as a doula, certified lactation counselor, psychotherapist, and mom ensures that you’ll feel both nurtured and empowered on your journey through your baby’s early months.

Jackie is also the facilitator of the Fairfield County chapter of the Positive Birth Group Movement, and lives in Fairfield with her own two girls (with whom she enjoys building fairy gardens, among other things).



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