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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Cimemamas launches in Boston

Cimemamas launches in Boston

Sneaking off to a dark theater in the middle of the day is a wonderful, guilty pleasure. There’s a reason so many new moms flock to their local mom-baby movie showtimes. But babies are notoriously unpredictable movie dates (and they age out of the cooperative, sleepy newborn phase far too quickly). So Gina Saltonstall and Lori Cohen decided to create a club that would give moms at all stages of parenthood the opportunity to see first-run features and make new friends in the process.

“About 4 years ago we experienced pure bliss one morning as we sat together in a dark theatre and were whisked away to another time and place. As we walked out of the theatre we were giddy, as if we had snuck away on a mini retreat,” explains Lori. “We were amazed at the lasting positive impact of spending a morning together at the movies.”

A one year membership is $95 and entitles you to a monthly private screening of a first run movie (that’s a savings of 25% off the standard ticket price) at the AMC Framingham Premium Cinema. And here’s something awesome: if you can’t make it to the private morning screening, you can show your membership card and be admitted for free to an evening showtime for the same movie. If you aren’t ready to commit for a whole year, you can pay $10 per movie or try a six month membership for $50. And a portion of every membership is donated to charity.

Another thoughtful touch: if there’s ever a snow day on the date of a scheduled showing, the feature film will be changed to something kid-friendly and children will be admitted for free. Aside from this contingency plan, however, the Cinemamas ask their members to leave the kids home for their screenings. “As much as we love children, we want Cinemamas to be an escape from everyday life,” says Gina.

Join now and Cinemamas will treat you to the first movie on November 8th, Argo with Ben Affleck. Get more information at

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