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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Celebrate our birthday with Nuna giveaways all month long!

Celebrate our birthday with Nuna giveaways all month long!

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Small mom n’ pop shops like Magic Beans are naturally sentimental about our beginnings: our company was born with little fanfare and fingers crossed in July of 2004, and we’ve made a point of honoring how we started out every year since. So in 2009, we started a tradition of lavishing our fans with freebies all month long, and that was a whole lot of fun all around!

This year, however, we’re doing something a little different: instead of pulling out 31 separate prizes, we’re zeroing in on one of our favorite companies and giving away their very best products. You’re probably already familiar with Nuna, the Dutch brand that swung into the baby gear market in 2012 with the Leaf Floating Baby Lounger. Their gear pairs a look that Apartment Therapy described as “sparsely beautiful” (keep it simple!)  with clever utility: for instance, the Leaf is the only baby bouncer with a 130-pound weight limit, evolving into a swaying chair that older kids can enjoy for years to come. The Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat is also a huge favorite, packing a ton of great safety technology and comfort features into a feather-light weight.  And their strollers? They’re awesome.

We’re giving away one terrific Nuna prize each week, with this schedule:

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See that “Mystery Prize”? It’s a new product debuting from Nuna that we’re incredibly excited about – it’s a very, very big deal! We can’t say a word about what it is because the news is embargoed until July 15, but expect some serious fanfare!

As usual, our birthday provides us with an opportunity to thank all of the customers and companies that have made Magic Beans possible. We’re so grateful that you’ve supported us with your voices and your wallets, and we pledge to keep providing our amazing community with the same terrific service and unbeatable selection. Magic Beans is about family, and you’re ALL part of it!

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