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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Celebrate Neighborhood Toy Store Day with us all weekend long – 15% off toys!

Celebrate Neighborhood Toy Store Day with us all weekend long – 15% off toys!

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Our customers are the coolest! Yesterday, we sent out a heartfelt email (and Facebook post) talking about our concerns for the coming holiday season, and the Winter-Gift-Guide-Blog-Button-vertresponse was truly magical: dozens upon dozens of messages from folks who LOVE their neighborhood toy store and value what we do. Aw, shucks! We’re so glad to hear that our efforts are paying off, and that we’re a valuable resource for your families.

And this weekend is an extra-special time to
tap into that resource: Neighborhood Toy Store Day is a yearly reminder for families nationwide to check out the local gems in their own town, and an opportunity for toy stores like Magic Beans to kick it up a notch and go out of our way to impress you. consultation small squareSince many of the customers who reached out to us yesterday said that they would love to visit us this weekend but Saturday wasn’t doable, we’re extending this event for the whole weekend! When you visit any of our six stores this weekend (November 14-15), you can enjoy:

  • 15% off toys! (Can’t come in? You can get the same discount shopping on our website! [] )
  • Raffles featuring top toys!
  • Giveaways of mini crafts, temporary tattoos, and more!
  • Fun activities for kids at every store!

It’s also the perfect weekend to kick off your holiday shopping, and this year’s toy selection is better than ever (we know how great these toys are because we’ve played with them ourselves!). Here are a few quick picks that should help you cross a few names off of your list:

1) LEGO galore! I was at our Brookline store last night and the LEGO wall is outta sight, loaded with all of the collections that kids are going nuts for, including Star Wars, LEGO Friends, and Minecraft. If you have a little LEGO fan on your hands, they’re going to absolutely lose their mind when they find these treats under the Christmas tree (or beside the Menorah).

2) Charmazing: Charm bracelets are super hot this year, and Charmazing brings all of the glitter and excitement of Alex & Ani to a younger audience. Learn more in this video:

3) Three Little Piggies board game: It’s a logic game for the littles! This witty puzzle game will lure in little guys and gals with the adorable design, and keep them guessing with increasingly tricky challenges. The design also encourages storytelling and pretend-play – those pigs are just so cute!

4) Roominate: These modular building sets encourage kids to invent and innovate: start by building one of the suggested projects (how about a working Ferris Wheel?), and then tweak the designs and create your own. Roominate creates a play experience that seamlessly combines pretend-play and STEM skills, making learning super fun.

5) Tomy Jumbo Jamboree: One of my faves from Toy Training Night! Jumbo’s instruments rattle and thump when kids push him along, but that’s not all: Jumbo disassembles into a bunch of little musical instruments, including tambourines, a xylophone, a drum, and more. But ultimately, my favorite part is the trunk: when you blow in it, it makes the cutest little squeaking noise that really evokes a baby elephant. LOVE IT.


There’s so much more to explore at every Magic Beans location – and all of these wonderful toys are on sale all weekend long. So, do yourself and the kids in your life a favor, and drop by! We can’t wait to see you. (And we’ll wrap your gifts for free, too.)

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