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Cyber Monday! Save $15 on orders $100+ CODE: CYBER15 | Free Shipping $99+
Bye Bye Binky

Bye Bye Binky

Mam PacifierTonight, my younger daughter finally gave up her beloved binky. Inspired by tips from other parents, we’d been talking about the impending visit of the Binky Fairy, who would collect her binkies and bring them to Binkyland, leaving gifts in their place. She’d been enthusiastic, but unwilling to commit. Today, we accidentally sent her to daycare without her binky for naptime. But she managed to fall asleep anyway, with a bit of encouragement. Seizing the opportunity, we scheduled the Binky Fairy’s visit for tonight. Surprisingly, she eventually did fall asleep without it, and she was cheerful throughout. The Binky Fairy left (as requested) balloons and a cake.

I despise pacifiers, and it was a real matter of pride that my first daughter never used one. But with #2, she needed it desperately almost from day one. For three years, I’ve learned to tolerate, appreciate, and eventually depend on the binky. It was my secret weapon, the one thing I kept in my pocket for desperate times. I can’t imagine facing a long car ride or airplane trip without it. But after tonight, it looks like she’s finally over it. I, on the other hand, will suffer a more prolonged withdrawal. Wish me luck.

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