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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Building with trees

Tree HouseI picked Tree Blocks as one of my favorite finds this past year at Toy Fair. Now, they’ve finally arrived. We’re carrying a 21-piece set, a 36-piece set and two types of treehouses. The blocks are extremely unique. They are hand-cut from real branches in precise 2cm length increments, with wider 2cm pieces that can serve as bridges or platforms. Each piece is wrapped in the original bark and polished with flax oil to show off the wood’s natural grain. The blocks are cut so precisely to mirror the proportions of traditional unit blocks, so they offer similar mathematical and spatial reasoning benefits, and they can be integrated with standard blocks to add rustic highlights to all sorts of constructions.

The treehouses are breathtaking. There’s a small model that’s a great companion to a set of blocks, and then also the larger “Build A Treehouse” kit that can be assembled and reassembled in multiple configurations. It comes with a 15″ base platform and three other large platforms, a rope ladder, retractable stairs, a bucket on a pully, a crane and load, and blocks and pegs to make a spiral staircase. It’s really, really cool.

These blocks are heirloom quality and if they’re taken care of, they will last through generations of play. Certainly their appeal spans the generations – some adults will have to remind themselves to give the kids a turn.

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