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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Bugaboo partners with (RED)

Bugaboo partners with (RED)

bugaboo-redEarlier this summer, our account manager at Bugaboo asked to come to Boston to meet with us to deliver some exciting news in person. Must be a new stroller, we guessed. A double? We were hopeful – even more so when we had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the meeting started – but she had something else to discuss.

Bugaboo has activated a partnership with (RED). You’ve probably already encountered other (RED) products – the (RED) iPod or the (RED) t-shirts at the GAP. But if not, here’s how it works. (RED) is not a charity, but rather an idea, a partnership with premium consumer brands. These partner brands develop a special (RED) product, and then contribute a percentage of their revenue from that product towards the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS in Africa. (RED) is highly selective with their partners, usually opting for recognizable names with lots of cachet.

Bugaboo is a great fit for (RED), and they’re taking a unique approach to the product side. They are developing a special edition (RED) stroller and (RED) diaper bag, but they are also designating their entire product line (RED), meaning that, beginning October 1, any Bugaboo product you purchase will send money to (RED) affiliated charities.

The (RED) stroller isn’t actually red – it’s denim (with a red brake) – but it’s really nice. And the (RED) diaper bag isn’t actually red – it’s white (with a red interior) – but it’s also really nice. This should empasize the the point though – Bugaboo doesn’t have to be red to be (RED).

PS – Bugaboo, we think this is awesome. But about that double stroller…

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