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Bugaboo makes the grade with Bee Plus

At an exclusive cocktail party last night, Bugaboo offered a sneak peek at the new and improved Bugaboo Bee Plus, slated for release in Spring 2010. The Bugaboo Bee has slowly become one of my favorite strollers, but it is not without its challenges. The learning curve for turning the seat can be a bit high, but the stellar handling and compact frame makes it feel a little like the stroller equivalent of an expensive sportscar. In other words, worth a couple of practice sessions.

The Bee Plus has a few significant changes. First, turning the seat is much easier. It’s a quick, one-step process. Still not as quick as the Cameleon, but much better than before. Second, the seat is now height-adjustable using similar magical mechanics to the current Bee model’s seat depth adjustment. Third, the seat itself is wider and the funny flaps that stuck out on the sides of the seat are gone. Fourth, the wheels are slightly different and last, but not least, they’re shortening the canopy.

This last bit didn’t thrill me, since I (and my sun-hating baby) love the cavernous, all-encompassing canopy on the original Bee, but maybe there’s still time for them to reconsider. The Bee Plus price has not been finalized yet, but we’re hearing it will be available in the late Spring.

Pardon the lack of visuals; they did not let me take photos or videos.

Also, at the same cocktail party, Bugaboo alluded to a double stroller that is really, truly in the works. Something to look forward to next year?

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