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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Bugaboo goes sporty: Meet the Bugaboo Buffalo

Bugaboo goes sporty: Meet the Bugaboo Buffalo

Bugaboo-BuffaloIt’s always a treat to get a sneak preview of a hot new stroller, so when the Bugaboo Buffalo rolled into our office, strapped neatly into a smart-looking travel bag, everyone gathered around to gawk and took their turn giving it a roll around the office suite.

If you’ve ever been to our bustling, lime-green office, you know how excellent the Magic Beans home office is for testing the maneuverability of a stroller: we’re packed like sardines into an office suite full of desks, product samples, and more (it’s a good thing that we all like each other, and everyone showers regularly). So my time on the carpet with the Bugaboo Buffalo stroller focused on tight turns, testing how narrow a space it could turn in without feeling like you’re parallel parking on Boylston Street at rush hour.

I’m pleased to report that, as with all of the daintier Bugaboo models, the big, brash, sporty Buffalo maneuvers like a dream, but of course, that’s only part of what makes this stroller great. The Bugaboo Buffalo was designed for parents who need a stroller that can truly go anywhere – not just city sidewalks and subways (and office suites), but also trails, mountains, beaches, and, heck, why not a glacier? Tough foam-filled no-flat tires and awesome suspension will ensure that your child gets a smooth ride no matter where you go, and you can click the Buffalo Stroller into two-wheel mode to blaze the toughest trails.Bugaboo-Buffalo-montana

And the Buffalo has the greatest storage capacity of any Bugaboo one-child stroller: the basket is enormous and easy to access (since the seat boosts kids up high so they can enjoy the view), and the handlebar is actually safety-rated to carry up to 13 pounds. No stroller lugs kids and luggage like the Buffalo!

We’re still waiting for a release date, but Bugaboo’s most outdoorsy model will be at Magic Beans soon – and you can pre-order it now!

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