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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Image of a happy man crouching down by the bugaboo giraffe high chair. Text laid over image reads: bugaboo giraffe high chair.

Bugaboo Giraffe High Chair: Full Review

bugaboo giraffe high chair. studio image of a happy baby in the high chair with  a parent playing alongside them

Magic Beans is excited to introduce Bugaboo Giraffe high chair. The Bugaboo Giraffe (Amazon) high chair is a first for Bugaboo, most widely known for their parent-favorite strollers like the Bugaboo Fox 5 and Bugaboo Donkey 5. The Bugaboo Giraffe (Amazon) high chair is brilliantly designed with a focus on compact functionality instead of the over-engineered mechanics of way too many other luxury high chairs. It’s a perfect amalgam of comfortable, functional, and easy to clean…and it’s awesome! 



Start a Babylist and add the Bugaboo Giraffe Highchair  

Start a Babylist and add the Bugaboo Giraffe Highchair with Cushion


The Bugaboo Giraffe (Amazon) has a total of five stages beginning as a newborn rocker all the way to a full size dining chair (with a whopping 220 lbs weight max). While a few brands have high chair’s offering the same longevity, none of them are as effortless to use. The Bugaboo Giraffe adjusts between its five configurations with simple snap-on, snap-off components; and the light touch of a button adjusts the seat height and leg rest positions in one second. No tools, no partial disassemblies, no difficult trays only made to appease American sensibilities. 

What comes with the five Bugaboo Giraffe high chair configurations?

Image of the 5 stages of bugaboo giraffe highchair: #1 rocker on the floor, #2 infant seat on high chair, #3 high chair, #4 high chair without harness, #5 high chair without harness and tray, pulled up to the table

Bugaboo Giraffe Stage 1

Newborn set on Rocker
< 6 Months (max 19.8 lbs)
Accessory: Rocker (Amazon) 
Accessory: Newborn set (Amazon)


Bugaboo Giraffe Stage 2

Newborn set on Giraffe
< 6 Months (max 19.8 lbs)
Accessory: Newborn set (Amazon)


Bugaboo Giraffe Stage 3 & 4

Baby set on Giraffe
6 - 36 Months (max 33 lbs)
Accessory: Baby set including harness and Tray (Amazon)
Accessory: Baby pillow set (can also be used with harness) (Amazon)


Bugaboo Giraffe Stage 5

>36 Months (max 220 lbs)
Accessory: Junior pillow



A couple well designed expansions will get you extra two configurations designed for those delicate newborn months…

bugaboo giraffe high chair newborn set. a grey reclined seat with a harness on a studio backround

The Bugaboo Giraffe Newborn Set (0-6 months) is a portable, reclined seat that snaps onto the Bugaboo Giraffe high chair frame. This keeps your newborn close to you and away from the ground. What you’re getting with the Bugaboo Giraffe (Amazon) Newborn Set is really a package that keeps you off the floor, saving your neck, back, and knees a lot of trouble. For people recovering from birth, grandparents, and those with chronic pain this is a game changer. (Stage 2)

bugaboo giraffe rocker base. an oval beech wood frame on a studio background

The Bugaboo Giraffe (Amazon) Newborn Set also snaps into the Bugaboo Giraffe Rocker (0-6 months), This beechwood frame calms the baby and buys you some time to take care of yourself. And the combination of the Bugaboo Giraffe (Amazon) Newborn Set and the Bugaboo Giraffe Rocker is so lightweight, you can carry it around the house as you work, cook, watch TV. (Stage 1)

The Bugaboo Giraffe Baby Set supports the smallest eaters

Most highchair seats are a “one size fits all” setup that leaves the younger children slouching to the side or “suspended” on a seat way too large for them. The Bugaboo Giraffe Baby Set (Amazon) removes this issue completely. Its Bio-based plastic frame locks onto the Bugaboo Giraffe’s wooden frame, narrowing the seat into a more appropriate and supportive space for babies and toddlers. Later on the Bugaboo Giraffe Baby Set (Amazon) pops off and into storage so your big kid can use the Bugaboo Giraffe (Amazon) as a normal dining chair until they leave for college (220 lb. weight max!).

Bugaboo’s commitment to environmentally friendly, sustainable materials 

picture of text reading: The bugaboo giraffe has a 62% lower C02 footprint vs chairs made from conventional plasticsc

The Bugaboo Giraffe (Amazon) is a conscientious, good choice. It’s one of the very few highchairs made in Europe, and with sustainable FSC certified beechwood and Bio-based plastics. 

Love note to Bugaboo: Bugaboo products have some of the longest lifespans in all of baby gear. Seeing a 10 year old Bugaboo stroller on its third family and 9th child is completely normal. Instead of flooding the world with baby gear that needs trashing and replacing after its third child, Bugaboo designs their baby products to last longer than you could ever need it to. Longer product lifespan leads to a smaller ecological footprint…simply by selling high quality.

Email or give us a call at 866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST). Or set up a one-on-one Baby Gear Consultation with an Mbeans expert!

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