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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans


The Bugaboo Fox wheeled its way into our hearts just two short years ago. It filled the need between the Cameleon and the gone too soon Buffalo. It’s a lightweight (~24lbs), all terrain stroller, without the need to switch the handlebar like you do on the Cameleon to put it in “all terrain mode” - the large wheels and robust suspension means it’s always in that mode. The Fox also has the sleep safe bassinet, so you can use your bassinet in your home for overnight sleep. This stroller was an immediate hit - there were waitlists everywhere trying to secure one. 

So in two years, what could they have improved on? The big thing for us is their folding mechanism. This is not a one handed fold (most large single strollers aren’t), but the new mechanisms have a much more natural feel, making it easier to do. The fold was probably the trickiest part/biggest learning curve when the stroller first came to market. They also added a peek-a-boo window to their canopies! This was something that people have been asking Bugaboo for for years and they’ve finally listened. They’ve also added more pockets to the bassinet (for your keys or phone or I guess maybe something for your baby?) and all the rivets on the frame are now black, making for a sleeker look. Oh, and they were able to shave off a pound by making their large wheels slightly lighter in weight.

So who is the Fox2 made for? For those who want a high quality, robust single stroller. For those who want to use their bassinet around the house and overnight (be sure to grab a stand!). For those who take long walks (either for pleasure or you know, to get around) and want something that will last. With Bugaboo, you are always going to get quality. 

I love the Fox2 - I think it’s a great, solid, all terrain stroller - without the heft. It folds down relatively small (you can even fold it with the seat or bassinet on it), so it’s easy to take in and out of your car (if you’re looking for an ultra small stroller, we suggest checking out their Ant!). You can use the bassinet mentioned above, or put your car seat on it with adapters (or use their Turtle which requires no adapters!). It’s ready to go from birth until your child is out of a stroller completely.

The Fox2 has been another immediate hit, with waitlists once again before you can get your hands on one. Once things settle down and our stores are open again, we’d love to have you come in for a test drive! 

Can’t wait to hear more about this new stroller? Still not sure if it’s the right one for you? Call the experts (us!) at 866-600-BEAN, or email us at - we’re always happy to talk shop! You can always chat on our website, or schedule a video consultation. Finally, get all the advice you need by visiting our YouTube channel!

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Magic Beans - September 1, 2020

Hi Vivian! Both bassinets are great with the added stand! Feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our gear experts to find the right one for your family.

Vivian - September 1, 2020


Thanks for the review. I’m looking for a travel system with an overnight bassinet and deciding between the Uppababy and Bugaboo. How do the bassinets for the two brands compare?

Vivian and Javi

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