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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Bugaboo Dragonfly Stroller

Bugaboo Dragonfly Stroller Review

Let’s face it, stroller shopping aint easy. There are so many things to take into consideration as a new parent and deciding on what type of stroller you need just adds to the list. While stroller shopping may seem like a daunting task (and big decision to make,) at Magic Beans, we’re here to simplify the process and help you narrow down your list.  
When shopping for a stroller, let’s take a look at how you’re going to use it. Are you a city-dweller looking for a compact stroller that’s not going to take up space? Or a suburban parent looking for a stroller that is easy to get in and out of the car? If either of these sound like you, the Bugaboo Dragonfly is a great stroller solution! 
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Bugaboo has been in the lightweight stroller category for many years and continues to refine and update their stroller line-up. If you’ve been in the parenting space for a while and knew and  loved the Bugaboo Bee, the Bugaboo Dragonfly is an evolution of that stroller with updated features and advancements. Let us tell you why you’ll love it:
One-handed, standing fold
Suitable from birth (with bassinet)
Use up to 50lbs
XL Storage basket (holds up to 22lbs)
 Bugaboo Dragonfly stroller with bassinet
What makes the Bugaboo Dragonfly good for city parents?
Anyone familiar with raising children in the city knows that public transportation can be your best friend and worst enemy. Your stroller is your little one’s main mode of transportation. While you’ll be walking often, for those longer routes, trains and buses are the way to go. Yes, even with a stroller. You need one that folds quickly and easily, is light enough to carry up and down stairs, and takes up very little space when folded. The Bugaboo Dragonfly has a one-handed fold with a carry strap, allowing you to take it up and down stairs with ease. The innovative self-standing feature makes for easy storage or allows you to tend to your little one while on the bus or train. At only 20.5 inches wide, the Dragonfly has a narrow footprint and is a great choice for navigating through crowded city sidewalks or tight spaces.
Dragonfly with Toddler Seat
Why suburban parents will love the Bugaboo Dragonfly:
If you’re strolling in the suburbs, you’ll want to look for a few things when stroller shopping. If you’ve ever tried to take a travel system in and out of the back of the car, you know they can be cumbersome and heavy. No need to break your back lifting a stroller. The Bugaboo Dragonfly can make those quick trips to the store a breeze. Weighing in at only 17.4lbs and the versatility of being compatible with both an infant car seat and bassinet, this is a great option for parents who want the features and benefits of a full-sized travel system with a smaller footprint.
Bugaboo Dragonfly Stroller folded 

What makes the Bugaboo Dragonfly different from other compact strollers? 

  1. Innovative and Compact Fold: The Bugaboo Dragonfly features a one-handed fold with the bassinet as well as the seat in both forward-facing and rear-facing positions. The self-standing feature makes it easy to store. 
  2. Suitable for up to Two Passengers: The Bugaboo Dragonfly can be used from birth with a car seat or bassinet, and features integrated adapters for the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+ allowing older children to hitch a ride too!
  3. Flexible Storage System: Because every parent needs more storage to carry all of the stuff, the Dragonfly has an expandable rear pocket pouch that is removable and can be attached to the rear or front of the stroller as well as the handlebar, providing additional storage space for your essentials. The XL storage underseat basket can hold up to 22lbs, making for plenty of storage to carry the groceries home. 
Bugaboo Dragonfly XL Storage Basket
Bugaboo Dragonfly Stroller with Comfort Wheeled Board+
City-dweller or suburban streets, the Bugaboo Dragonfly stroller can get you where you need to go. The Dragonfly is a versatile and innovative choice for parents who want a lightweight, compact stroller that is easy to fold and maneuver. It offers a range of features that make it ideal for city living, including its narrow footprint, self-standing feature, and one-handed fold. With its durable design and adaptable features, the Bugaboo Dragonfly is an investment that can easily adapt into the lifestyle of many families. 
Bugaboo Dragonfly stroller with toddler seat and bassinet
You can order the Bugaboo Dragonfly from with free shipping, with delivery scheduled for early June 2023. If you have any specific questions related to your family, visit to book a virtual consultation with one of our experts from anywhere in the United States. If you live in the New England area, please visit us at our store in Wellesley, MA.
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