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Bugaboo Donkey vs. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double (Ratings/Reviews/Prices)

Bugaboo Donkey vs. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double (Ratings/Reviews/Prices)

It’s time for a double stroller! YAY! Congratulations! There are so many wonderful options out there, and Magic consultation small squareBeans is a great place to start and end your search.

I find that many customers who come into the store looking for a double stroller are feeling rather overwhelmed. They’re always so concerned about the size, weight, length, etc, of a double stroller. But once we start playing around with them, they very quickly see that double strollers don’t have to be daunting at all! Whether you are expecting a second child or twins, we can totally help you find the perfect double stroller for you. Let’s focus on two side-by-side strollers: the Bugaboo Donkey and the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double.


Bugaboo Donkey Duo/Twin ($1809-$1975)

This is the more expensive of these two strollers but for good reason! The Bugaboo strollers are like the Cadillac of cindy bugaboo donkeystrollers. Their design and engineering is what truly brings them to the next level.

What I LOVE about the Donkey is that it completely adapts to your family’s needs from day to day, minute to minute. You can buy this stroller as a single stroller, or you can purchase it right off the bat as a double stroller. Heck, you can even purchase a wheelie board to put on the back of it to push a third older child around! The whole frame quickly extends out to form a side-by-side stroller which is narrow enough to fit through most doors. The seats are reversible, which allows your little explorer(s) to face out into the world, or for your little shy guy to face in towards you.  And because the seats are side-by-side, you can get a great recline on both seats for those ever-important naps!

The Donkey is a great option for either twins or for children of different ages, since it will hold different combinations of seats, bassinets, and infant car seats. The large, air-filled wheels make for a smooth ride just about anywhere. The front wheels can be locked for stability, and the larger back wheels will get you through all kinds of rough terrain. Like I said, whatever you need, the Bugaboo Donkey will do it for you!

After my customers stop drooling over the gorgeous look and features of this stroller, the concerns that come up the most are always about the size and the fold. People are typically surprised to see the Donkey folded compared to other double strollers. Its footprint is really not that far off than any other double. And although, yes, you have to remove the seats in order to fold the Donkey, each seat comes off in approximately one second, and it’s much easier to move and lift a couple of smaller pieces than it is to move and lift one larger piece. Whether you’re walking through city streets in the winter or on your way to the playground, this stroller truly is a great investment and is sure to make you and your family happy!


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double ($579.99)

When it comes to double strollers, it absolutely does not get any easier than the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double. It cindy city mini gtpushes like a dream, folds in a snap (more on that in a minute), and is comfortable for children and babies of different ages.

Unlike the Donkey, the City Mini GT Double is all one piece. There are two very comfortable side-by-side fixed seats that are facing out. Again, because the seats are side-by-side, you are able to get a great recline on either seat at any time. Rather than a fixed recline with different set positions, the recline on this stroller is adjusted with an easy tether which allows you to set it at just about any angle you want. Each seat has its own recline, so that allows one kid to nap and the other to sit up and enjoy the passing view! There is a hand brake on the side of the stroller, which makes parking your stroller super easy, and since it’s not operated with your foot, no worries about ruining your pedicure with this stroller! The tires are forever-air foam-filled tires, which are puncture proof and all-terrain. Mix that with great suspension, and you’ve got a beautifully smooth stroller push that you can easily maneuver through crowds or stores with one hand.

Remember when I mentioned that dream fold before? What makes this stroller one of the easiest strollers on the block is Baby Jogger’s patented Quick Fold Technology. You literally pull the straps that say “pull to fold,” and the whole stroller collapses in half with a mighty snap. Just like that!

This stroller is an absolute dream for a toddler and a second child, or for twins who are old enough to go into a stroller without being in an infant car seat. But when customers come in to look for a stroller that will hold two car seats for their twins on the way, I have to suggest other strollers. The City Mini GT Double has adapters to hold a variety of different infant car seats, but only has the ability to hold one car seat at a time. So unless you’re looking for a stroller to hold two infant car seats, this stroller is a great side-by-side double stroller option! It’s no-fuss, super easy to use, comfortable, sturdy, and practically pushes itself!

Whatever questions you may have about double strollers, we’re always here to answer them. Helping you find your dream stroller is one of our favorite things to do! And if you’re able to get to one of our stores, please come in and take a test drive! We look forward to helping you out!

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