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Bugaboo Cameleon gets a new look

Bugaboo Cameleon gets a new look

It’s official. The Bugaboo Cameleon is getting a makeover. The new Cameleon3 is coming September 1, and it has some amazing upgrades. We have all the details, including insider info and lots of pictures to share. Get ready, because this is good. It’s really good.

Improved design
Design is in the DNA at Bugaboo, and they’re never satisfied with “great” if they can get a product to “outstanding.” Even though the Cameleon+ is indisputably one of the best-designed strollers to ever hit the streets, Bugaboo managed to find room for improvement. With the C3, the biggest changes are “under the hood”, but they all add up to a stroller that will perform noticeably better than its predecessor. They’ve redesigned many of the innards of the stroller to make the frame (even) more durable, the steering (even) more responsive, and the overall look (even) more sleek and refined.

Easy unfolding
The C3 has simplified the process of unfolding the stroller, avoiding multiple steps and bruised shins. Now you just lift the handlebar and up it goes. You can even do  it with one hand. Not only that, but now the stroller will lock into the open position, whether there’s a seat or bassinet snapped onto the chassis or not. They accomplished all this, in part, by eliminating the fold-lock mechanism, so that now the stroller will not stay closed once it is folded. If you lift and carry the frame in a specific way, this will not be a problem, but there may be a learning curve for parents and caregivers (and baggage handlers —  if you plan to fly, definitely invest in a travel bag).

Larger underseat bag
The trademark “underseat bag” has been supersized for the new Cameleon. The capacity, at 26.3 gallons, is more than quadruple what it used to be (6.3 gallons), plus because it is a bag and not a traditional basket, you can close it up to protect its contents in the rain. It will also attach to the frame with sturdy snaps instead of velcro straps.

Height-adjustable, padded harness
This feature, which debuted on the Donkey, is a simple but awesome upgrade, allowing parents to instantly adjust the harness to the proper height.

Flat Fold Bassinet
Now the bassinet can be quickly folded flat for more compact transportation and storage. The “fillets” (which are used to support the sides of the bassinet) are also permanently attached, so they won’t get lost in transit.

New colors
The Red base color is going away for the C3, to be replaced by black. The Dark Blue and Dark Brown tailored fabric colors are also going away, and there’s a gorgeous new Petrol Blue color being added. So there will be a total of four base colors (Black, Dark Grey, Dark Brown and Sand) and eight tailored fabric colors (Black, Off-white, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal Blue, Sand and Petrol Blue). The tailored fabric sets will no longer include a seat inlay. The All Black and Denim 107 special editions will be available with the C3 chassis, and the new Neon Special Collection will be coming in October.


  • Quick-release front wheels
  • Improved quick-release rear wheels
  • More compact fold (with the front wheels removed)
  • One-hand release of the bassinet from the chassis
  • Shorter safety strap
  • Improved brake
  • 6-step height adjustable handlebar
  • New Britax Chaperone car seat adapter coming this Summer
  • New mosquito net accessory (fits all Cameleon models and the Donkey) coming this Summer

The price of the Cameleon3 will be the same as the current model, at $979. It will be compatible with all current accessories (except the rough-terrain wheels — a new version will be available at the same time as the new stroller). The C3 will be about 4/10″ wider than the previous model, and about 10 ounces heavier. The passenger weight limit will remain at 37.5 pounds.

So if you’re in the market for a Cameleon, you’re probably wondering if you should get one now or wait for the new model. Well, you can’t go wrong either way. At $799 the current Cameleon is an absolute steal. The Cameleon+ is a stroller of unparalleled quality and function, even before the upcoming improvements. But the C3 will definitely kick it up a notch, so if you can wait until September you will absolutely be getting a better stroller.

Hungry for even more information? Jamie Grayson has a great review of the C3 on his site, I especially like his nice, side-by-side images that highlight many of the changes between the older Cameleon and the new one.

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