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Bugaboo Bee looks good in denim

I’ve noticed something recently. Whenever I meet other parents who, like me, own a Bugaboo Bee, before any words are exchanged, there’s always the same knowing look, a glance that says, “Yes, this stroller is amazing – why don’t more people know about it?”

It’s easy to miss the Bee. In general, mid-size strollers are not a very popular category – they’re too big to be compact travel strollers and they’re too small to negotiate rough terrain. But if you’re looking for a jack of all trades (and a master of several), and you can afford to splurge a little, there isn’t a better option on the market.

And, for what it’s worth, I travel with my Bee all the time, and I find it a pleasure to do so.

The Bee was always a good looking stroller, but now, for the first time, Bugaboo has just released a Special Edition Denim 107 Bee – and it is gorgeous. Deep, dark denim is paired with contrast stitching and rivet details for a stroller that’s as chic as any pair of designer jeans.

The Denim version of the Bugaboo Bee retails for $699.

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