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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Bugaboo Ant vs UPPAbaby Minu 2019 | Travel Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Ant vs UPPAbaby Minu 2019 | Travel Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Ant vs. UPPAbaby Minu

It’s easy to see that nowadays, when it comes to picking out the perfect travel stroller for your family, parents certainly have their work cut out for them. A category once primarily comprised of umbrella strollers is now bursting at the seams with a number of innovative strolling options to make life on the go a total breeze. We are excited to share that Bugaboo has joined the competition with the release of their brand new micro travel stroller –  the Ant! To help you find the right fit for your family, let’s take a look at how the Bugaboo Ant and UppaBaby Minu compare.

One of the top priorities our parents seek out when shopping for travel strollers is that the stroller itself has an overall low weight and compact fold. While the Ant (15.8lbs) weighs in a bit higher than the Minu (14lbs) it offers the more compact fold fitting within the confines of the vast majority of airplane overhead bins – while the Minu will fit in some, but arguably not most. Carry method will vary between the two – with the Minu featuring a shoulder strap while the Ant utilizes a pull-behind trolly mode which allows parents to tote it behind them like standard luggage. Still hoping for a carry option for the Ant? Fear not. Bugaboo is in the process of creating an Ant specific travel bag which will feature a shoulder strap. Ultimately the overall portability of both is extremely convenient for a parent on the go!

The Bugaboo Ant is the first travel stroller in our lineup to afford parents the luxury of a primary seat that offers both world and parent facing orientations – a feature that has long been sought after by our guests. As parents ourselves we know that each day an adventure lies ahead and if your little one is having a day that requires more attention or coddling the parent facing option is a huge plus.  While the Minu primary seat is world-facing-only both brands offer car seat compatibility upon which an infant car seat will always parent face when placed atop the stroller. And while basket size and storage capacity can often suffer when it comes to travel strollers both the Ant and Minu have decently sized storage baskets to accommodate a diaper bag and Bugaboo has designed the Ant to allow it’s rear luggage basket to always be accessible, even once folded.

Fans of Bugaboo will be pleased to learn that like it’s predecessors the Ant will feature all wheel suspension, integrated into its frame, for a smooth push and comfy ride for parent and passenger alike. Every brand we are fortunate to work with has different priorities in mind when it comes to their product and it has always been imperative to Bugaboo that their strollers allow you to get out and get moving – the Ant is no exception! Both Bugaboo and UPPABaby have always nailed the weather and sun protection end of things for your little one and the Ant will stay on brand offering a generous sun canopy for extended protection from the sun’s UV rays. Both strollers will also offer a standing fold for easy tuckaway storage. On the folding end of the narrative the Minu will get the edge, as it often does within this category of strollers, as it’s one handed fold is easy for parents to trigger while simultaneously holding on to their little one.

Ultimately you’d be hard pressed to find issue with either of these wonderful options! Parents who travel by air often should consider the Ant as their top contender as it is hard to argue with the benefits of overhead bin compatibility as it places your stroller immediately in your hands on your land at your destination. Planning to gate check? Then either the Ant or Minu should be in the discussion as both will afford you this option. You can learn more about both the Bugaboo Ant and UppaBaby Minu, along with a number of other top travel strollers, 24/7 by visiting our YouTube channel!

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