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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Bugaboo Ant vs Cybex Mios 2019 | Lightweight Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Ant vs Cybex Mios 2019 | Lightweight Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Ant vs Cybex Mios 2019

Thinking about keeping things light when you start strolling? At Magic Beans we have an extensive selection of minimal footprint, compact fold, and high quality micro strollers to consider when you begin your stroller search. Joining the ranks of these top notch micro strollers is the brand new Bugaboo Ant, arriving to Magic Beans summer 2019. Trying to narrow down your options to find the best micro stroller for your family? Check our our comparison between the Bugaboo Ant and Cybex Mios!

More often than not, in the world of baby gear, finding a stroller that affords you a high quality push, effortless maneuvering, and bump absorbing suspension almost always translates to the stroller feeling heavy or bulky. Weighing in about 3lbs apart the Bugaboo Ant (15.8lbs) and the Cybex Mios (19lbs) are able to accomplish this fete while staying under 20lbs. Both Bugaboo and Cybex understand the importance an integrated suspension system has on the overall experience a parent will have while pushing their stroller. Based in Greater Boston our Magic Beans gear gurus know our parents are searching for a stroller that can handle brick and cobblestone and often find that few micro strollers are up to the test. You can count the Ant and Mios among those which can deliver on that front.

And while both strollers are quite compact there are a few distinctions to keep in mind while mulling your options. The Bugaboo Ant is very much a travel centric stroller – with folded dimensions compact enough to fit into nearly every standard airplane overhead. With their travel focus Bugaboo has also included a very friendly method of carry for the Ant with their pull-behind trolly mode which allows the Ant, once folded, to be toted behind you like a standard piece of luggage. While you can certainly bring your Cybex Mios along for the trip if you travel via airline you will be required to gate check your stroller as it’s fold is far too substantial for an overhead bin. While we’re on the topic of fold it’s safe to say that the Mios gets the edge in that department. In two simple steps, both of which can be done with one hand, the Mios folds down to half its size and exposes a super user friendly handle to grasp and lift.

On both a Mios and an Ant the primary stroller seat can be oriented world or parent facing. The Mios offers a fully reclined, newborn ready seat while the Ant offers a 6 month ready position. Both strollers are car seat compatible. And while the Ant will make it’s grand debut this summer Cybex has also made some modern updates to the Mios in 2019 and have expanded their assortment to include rose gold frames. All things considered you can’t go wrong with either option! You can learn more about the Bugaboo Ant and Cybex Mios along with all sorts of strollers and baby gear 24 hours a day 7 days a week via our Magic Beans Youtube channel.

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