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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Bugaboo Ant vs BABYZEN YOYO+ 2019 | Travel Stroller Comparison

I should start my disclaimer up top: I love the BABYZEN YOYO. It is hands down my favorite stroller. It is so smooth to fold, light, and ridiculously small. I actually remember the first time I was shown one – which I fully recognize is a special brand of silly – it had to have been about 2014, just when they were trying their hand in the American market. I was smitten immediately; it will take a lot to take it off the pedestal of Compact Strollers in my mind.

That said, Bugaboo’s Ant has a few features I genuinely like. Will it take the YOYO’s place in my heart? Let’s see…

The Seat Can Reverse AND Fully Recline: Several companies over the years have tried to make travel strollers with reversible seats and really try as they might, the execution never really worked. But Bugaboo figured it out – it’s still compact and relatively light (we’ll get to that) and the reversible seat lies flat! This is BIG and rare and well done! It is fully newborn ready with the addition of the Baby Cocoon. Yes, the YOYO has the 0+ Newborn Pack, but it’s just not the same and we can both agree on that.

You Can Pull It Behind You: Okay, yes, the YOYO is lighter (13lbs vs 16lbs), but the Ant is designed to be pulled behind you, like luggage (it even LOOKS like luggage). The YOYO, however, is designed to be carried. What’s easier, pulling something or carrying something? Now imagine doing it with a kid on your hip. In the middle of the airport, or a bus station. Or your garage. But, don’t worry, it can also be carried – I know some of you were coming up with scenarios where it’d be easier to carry than pull as soon as I asked (I see you and also, I am you).

The Handlebar is Adjustable: I think this speaks for itself. The two strollers’ fold drastically differs and the Ant’s fold means it can allow that adjustment. The YOYO’S handlebar is stationary. The handlebar is at a good, average height, but this is easily the most asked question I get about the YOYO. It also means if you add a wheeled board to the back for an older sibling or cousin or well trained dog, it’s more comfortable for you because the taller the handlebar, the further away you are from that accessory, which means the less likely you are to kick that accessory while trying to walk.

In Boston, where Magic Beans is located, we love to really test our strollers. We have train tracks in the middle of the street (hey Green Line, you’re looking exceptionally slow today), also narrow streets, and then some of the oldest sidewalks in the country. Not to mention the weather. So we know quality. We know what holds up and what doesn’t. It’s why we are annoyingly – I mean super duper helpfully – honest. But that’s probably why you came to us.

Quality wise, they are very comparable. Before the Ant, we considered BABYZEN the Bugaboo of travel strollers. That’s high praise.

Here it is: the YOYO IS lighter, and it IS smoother to fold (the YOYO essentially has two steps, the Ant has a few more), and it IS a little smaller. But the Ant has all the features listed above that the YOYO lacks. So, it comes down to what features you believe are most important. It’s always best to really get your hands on the two and try them out – we offer test drives to anyone who comes into our stores.

Was that too anti-climatic? Did you want me to just TELL you what stroller is best for you? I guess you’ll have to stop by one of our stores (or give us a call) for that to happen. See you soon!

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