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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Britax kicks it up a notch

There are a lot of nice things to be said for Britax car seats. From a safety perspective, they are widely praised for their (relatively) simple and very solid design; a properly installed Britax seat feels, literally, like a rock. Comfort-wise, children are always very content. But aside from those most critical elements, Britax has also carved another niche with a whimsical and creative approach to fabrics and patterns. From neutral tans, grays and denim shades to kitchy-cool cow, zebra and leopard print, Britax has ignited a trend towards offering a range of color choices for car seats.

Now, they’ve taken their fashion sense a step further with the introduction of the Couture line. These limited-edition seats are covered with lucious, patterned fabrics that are really quite special looking. The first edition contains five styles and each is really beautiful. They are not sold online, but we have limited quanitites of the whole Couture line in our store. As always, phone orders are more than welcome. You can reach the store at 617.264.BEAN (2326).

The best-selling Marathon is a convertible seat that accommodates children from birth through 65 lbs.

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