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Britax introduces Diplomat seat

Britax introduces Diplomat seat

Britax Diplomat TaylorToday Britax introduced a new car seat, the Diplomat, a smaller version of the Boulevard. Just as the Boulevard has similar proportions to the Marathon, but includes side impact prodection, the Diplomat is similar in size to the Roundabout, and includes a scaled-down version of the side-impact protection cushion.

My question is, would you buy the Diplomat instead of the Boulevard? Britax is gambling that higher gas prices are pressing parents to buy smaller cars, and there will be increased demand for smaller car seats. But if a child reaches 40 lbs before s/he is ready for a booster seat, then what? A Britax Regent is a good choice (if you can find one) but it’s definitely not small. So I’m not sure whether this will be a popular choice among parents. Any feedback for me here?

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