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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Britax car seat sale: 4/26-5/9

If you’ve been looking for a new car seat, this is a great time to get one – select Britax car seats are on sale, now through May 9th. Save $50 on each model. Britax car seats have long been a Magic Beans favorite, with their great safety ratings, excellent side-impact protection, and plush fabrics.

Britax offers a number of different car seat models, so if you’re doing some decision-making, here is a quick rundown of some of the features and benefits:

Britax Roundabout: This is Britax’s most basic convertible car seat.  It is compact, with a 40-lb. weight capacity.  It’s great for travel, as well as fitting into smaller cars.

Britax Diplomat: The Diplomat has the same weight capacity as the Roundabout, but offers more extensive side-impact protection, and has some extra padding, too. There’s also the quick-adjust headrest and harness – one of our favorite Britax features, which allows you to adjust both the harness height and headrest by simply turning a knob.

Britax Marathon: This has been a go-to offering from Britax for a long time. The Marathon is simple like the Roundabout, but has a higher weight capacity, holding up to 65 pounds. This is important because it allows most children to use it right up until the time they’re ready to move into a booster seat.  For that reason, car seats that hold over 40 pounds are worth the investment.

Britax Boulevard: The Boulevard is Britax’s most fully-featured convertible car seat.  It holds up to 65 pounds, and also has extra side-impact protection and padding, as well as the quick-adjust headrest and harness adjustment.

Britax Boulevard CS: This variation on the Boulevard has an added safety feature that sets it apart. When your child gets buckled in, the “Click Safe” harness adjuster makes an audible clicking sound to let you know when the harness is properly secured.

Britax Frontier: This is a great option for kids who have outgrown a smaller convertible car seat but are not quite ready for a booster yet.  The Frontier begins as a forward-facing car seat, and later transitions into a belt-positioning booster.

If you have any car seat questions, feel free to let us know!

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