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Bouncing balls to new heights: Ogo Sport

Ogo SportOne of our favorite new products from Toy Fair has just come in. The Ogo is like a cross between a frisbee and a trampoline. The outer ring is inflatable, while the inside is a strong, elastic membrane. There are several ways to play with the Ogo. You can toss it like a disk, or, with a pair, you can play an incredible game of catch by bouncing a ball off of the membrane. Reportedly, you can toss the ball up to 150 feet. It was very entertaining for all of the grown-ups who were playing at Toy Fair, but the Ogo is rated for ages 4 and up. The possibilities for game play are virtually unlimited — think volleyball, badminton, baseball, paddleball. This is truly an active game that the whole family will enjoy, and even very young children can successfully manipulate the Ogo. You can purchase them as sets or individually, and they come in different diameters. They are great for travel, because the deflated rings can fold compactly. The sets include a firm, rubber ball, which is best for long distances. If you’re playing with younger children (or in a smaller area), try using a soft, squishy rubber ball, like the Playvisions inside-out ball.

Can’t quite picture it? Visit the Ogo Sport website for lots of good visuals.

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