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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Bjorn Necessity

Bjorn Necessity

Baby Bjorn 123 BouncerIt’s been 2 weeks now since the birth of our son, Zev, and I am going to pinch hit for Sheri again as she enjoys lots of well-deserved quality time with our baby.

I’ve been really excited about sharing with the spillingthebeans readers all of the wonderful new toys and gear that we are getting to use — our awesome Orbit Infant System is, or our new Hushamok baby hammock, or the light and cool Aden and Anais muslin swaddling blankets that we use on a daily basis. But I know Sheri’s planning to regale you with the details of those very shortly. So the product that I get to rave about first is actually one that we’re reusing from our second daughter, Mira. It is our bouncy seat – the Baby Bjorn 123 Bouncer.

I’ll never forget our friend Heather coming to visit us after our first daughter, Audrey, was born. She came around lunchtime and was appalled as she watched Sheri struggle to eat and hold the baby at the same time. “Where is your bouncy seat?” she asked. “What’s a bouncy seat?” we responded. We were so clueless.

Within hours she had rummaged from her basement the ruffled light blue bouncy seat that she used with her three kids. We were so appreciative. Our mealtimes were transformed. As time went on, Sheri and I did what we typically did – we tried a whole variety of bouncy seats for our new baby – many of which featured different vibrating mechanisms and lights and sounds – total overstimulation and very irritating.

For Mira we decided to try the Baby Bjorn 123 Bouncer. It had a very simple design using the baby’s movement to bounce the seat. It featured a basic, primary color wooden toy attachment, and it came in an elegant black and gingham. We could put Mira in it while we ate meals, or simply to put her down when we needed to (even in the bathroom). Once we tried this one, we never looked back. So, this bouncer was the first thing we pulled out of our basement when Zev was born, and just like Mira he loves it and I love it. Parents are always looking for places to land their babies, and this one is so simple and isn’t an eyesore either.

The 123 Bouncer also folds flat, making it easy to take along when you travel. We tossed it in our minivan right before leaving for Cape Cod, and we’ve used it at every mealtime since. I drank my coffee this morning as Zev bounced and Sheri slept, and I realized that the 123 Bouncer deserved a blog post – even if it isn’t a new product. But don’t worry – we’ll get back to all the new stuff very soon.

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