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Big skin problems for little babies

DermopediatricsFor the most severe skin problems, Mustela is now offering their Dermo-Pediatric line. At first, these superstrength formulas were only available at independent pharmacies and apothecaries, but now they have expanded their distribution to include a number of specialty baby stores.

I was particularly interested in this line because of the Stelatopia products, designed to combat Eczema. Both of my kids tend to develop dry, scaly patches as soon as the weather gets cold. I’ve tried a lot of different products over the years, always experimenting with lotions and potions to try to avoid using prescription creams with steroids. The Stelatopia range includes a moisturizing lotion, a soap-free Cream Cleanser and a very unique Milky Bath, which infuses the bathwater with nourishing and soothing lipids to help relieve acute flare-ups. I’ve got a bunch of samples, and the products are all really nice. It’s still a bit too early in the season to tell if they will really prevent any eczema, but I’ve had great luck with all the Mustela products, so I have high hopes.

In addition to Stelatopia, the Dermo-Pediatric line also includes Stelactiv, a high-intensity diaper rash cream that’s designed to combat severe cases, and Stelaker, a leave-in lotion that fights cradle cap.

To read more about the Dermo-Pediatric line, visit the Mustela website.

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