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Bib-bity Bobbity Boo – it’s an instant bib

KipiisMy mom discovered Kipiis ( long before we owned our store. She saw them in a magazine and thought they were the ultimate grandparent accessory. She was right, though parents love them, too. Compact, durable and effective, Kipiis can turn practically anything into a bib, anytime, anywhere. It’s one of my favorite diaper bag essentials.

Reminiscent of the metal clips your dentist uses to hold those crinkly white bibs in place, Kipiis are reusable, ingenious and dishwasher-safe (upper rack). Take a napkin, paper towel, placemat, whatever, and clip it on using the studry resin fasteners. It helps that the colors are fresh and modern, but we’d love them even if they weren’t adorable.

This isn’t a new product, but it may be one of the best baby products you’ve never heard of. It’s also great for conjuring up a smock with toddlers and preschoolers.

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