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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Best Strollers With Reversible Seats 2021 ( Ratings | Reviews | Prices )

Best Strollers With Reversible Seats 2021 ( Ratings | Reviews | Prices )

First time parents are bombarded with a litany of terminology that would make no sense to the uninitiated. Especially in the baby gear world, where the products are all entirely new to those who don’t have children, their functions sometimes get obscured or lost in the shuffle. Luckily we’re here to help! Today we’re going to look at all of the best strollers with reversible seats! It's a simple bit of functionality that both helps you narrow down your options in the sea of strollers, and gives you an idea of the kinds of amenities you should look out for. 

First off, we need to explain the main function of a reversible seat. When choosing a stroller, you have to think about all of the stages of its use. In the beginning, kids love facing their parents. For both emotional reasons and the pure fact of their developing eyesight, they adore being able to see and interact with their parents or caregivers. This is the biggest reason to consider a reversible seat. On top of building the emotional connection between parent and child, you’re helping them develop their speaking skills by looking at them while talking. That said, many strollers we love do not offer this option. From birth onward, many strollers only face the world.

Usually around the age of 1, children start to want to see and interact with the world around them, causing a lot of parents to flip their seat. This means that after 1, you’ll likely not face them as often, but with a reversible seat stroller you’ll still always have the option to reverse it. So deciding whether you want that option tends to be the first and most important way to narrow down your stroller search. 

That said, it’d be remiss not to mention that when a stroller does not have a reversible seat you will still have an opportunity to face your baby. For the first 6 months to a year, as long as your stroller can attach a car seat, the car seat will face you. You’ll mostly be considering a reversible seat for the option of using it whenever you want as compared to it being the only way to face your baby. 

Thankfully there aren’t a limited amount of stroller options with reversible seats, so we’re going to be taking a look at the Uppababy Vista V2, Bugaboo Bee6, & Nuna Mixx Next to give you an idea of the range of options available. These three offer a big picture look at the variations you’ll find among strollers with reversible seats, as well as being some of our favorites! 

Uppababy is a Massachusetts bred stroller company that focuses on bridging the gap between city and suburban needs. Their flagship stroller, the Uppababy Vista V2, is one of the most luxurious and fully featured options available. It offers a reversible seat, atop a sturdy tall frame with an enormous (and enormously helpful) shopping basket. Its wheels are large, durable puncture-proof foam that offer great traction in all types of weather and terrains.

Its reversible seat is a main attraction, because of this is a single to double stroller, or one that converts from use with one child to use with two children. In order to be adjusted to fit another seat, the stroller needs to be modular and have the ability to take seats on and off, and a great way to make removable seats even more functional is to offer reversibility!

The Uppababy Vista V2 also comes with a bassinet, so you can take the seat off and use the stroller exclusively with the bassinet (or with your car seat) for the first 6 months, making portability a breeze. 

The Nuna Mixx Next is not too far off from the Vista in features, but lacks one big one. It is solely a stroller for one child (until they’re old enough to use a ride-on board). The Nuna Mixx Next offers its reversible seat with luxurious fabrics and beautiful accents on top of a super durable frame. Heavy-duty rubber wheels help this stroller trudge through anything you throw at it, and its unique suspension ensures it’ll last! Another big way it does things differently than the Vista is its newborn-friendly seat. Newborns cannot lay in a seat that isn’t entirely flat. Think of it like laying your baby on a bassinet mattress; seats with a carved out butt can never be fully flat, so Nuna created a different type of seat that lays flat enough to be safe and comfortable for a newborn. The Nuna Mixx Next is a great space saving option that can still handle pretty much anything you throw at it. 

The Bugaboo Bee6 is another phenomenal option that offers a reversible seat. While you can still buy a bassinet for the stroller to make it newborn capable, Bugaboo didn’t even start offering any strollers that lack a reversible seat until recently because they believe so much in parents interacting with their children. The Bugaboo Bee6 took a different approach to strollers, focusing more on folks who don’t need multi-terrain use and more on general sidewalk walking. The unbelievable suspension on each wheel ensures the Bee6 will last through many children. A much lighter option, it makes for an easier stroller to get in and out of your trunk or on stairs. Its compact nature is its biggest selling point. 

Clearly, there are many options out there to choose from, but these options are some of our favorites with reversible seats. While some of these companies offer strollers without reversible seats, they all understand the value of eye contact and encouraging your child to engage with you while you’re walking with them. On top of that they have varying other features and amenities to help you make your decision

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