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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Best Stokke Sleepi promotion ever

Stokke Sleepi System 1 in WalnutFrom now through October 15, if you purchase a Stokke Sleepi, the mattress (or mattresses, depending on which configuration you get) will be FREE. We are incredibly psyched about this. A) because it’s an amazing value and B) because I have two Sleepi systems in my house, and love them and think every parent should have one. Aside from the beauty, quality and longevity, the Sleepi is also narrow enough to fit through a doorway and can be wheeled from room to room with the included casters. Very convenient.

The Sleepi system comes in three different versions. The Sleepi Crib is just that – a crib. The Sleepi System 1 starts out as a bassinet and then changes into a crib once the baby is older. The Sleepi Complete includes the bassinet, the crib, and an additional kit to turn the crib into a Junior Bed for children up to age 7.

The unique oval shape of the Sleepi requires custom-made mattresses, and Stokke has partnered with two different companies. Colgate makes standard mattresses, extra-firm with non-allergenic foam and a waterproof, non-toxic coating. Naturalmat makes a completely organic option, filled with certified organic coconut husks and wrapped in lambswool. Because the Sleepi offers three different stages of use, you need a new mattress for each phase.

So, this mattress promotion is a very good deal. If you buy the Sleepi, you get a free mattress. If you buy a Sleepi System 1, you get two free mattresses. If you buy a Sleepi Complete, you get THREE free mattresses (a $540 value!). (Update: this was too good to be true. Stokke has just clarified that the promotion only applies to the Crib and the System 1, NOT the Complete).

The free mattresses are the less expensive Colgate models, but if you want to go organic, you can apply the savings you would have received on the Colgate mattresses towards a discount on the Naturalmat ones.

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