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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Best Double Strollers of 2020 | Stroller Comparison

Best Double Strollers of 2020 | Stroller Comparison

   Whether you’re expecting your second child or twins, looking for the right double stroller for your family can be a challenge! There are so many double strollers to choose from that it can be overwhelming. In our 16 years of guiding parents of siblings and twins, a question that we have often been asked is ‘What is the best double stroller?’. While we wish it was as straightforward as that, there is truly no one-size-fits-all best option. The perfect double stroller is the one that can perform the functions you need it to and fit seamlessly into your family’s lifestyle. 

   We’ve chosen our favorite strollers from each category you may be researching so you can find the perfect stroller tailored to your family. These double strollers all exceed industry standards and have been customer favorites at Magic Beans. You can say goodbye to double trouble with this list of the best double strollers of 2020!

Woman with Silver Cross Coast and bassinetMan and woman at an outdoor cafe looking at toddler in Silver Cross Coast

Best Luxury Double Stroller

   The Silver Cross Coast is our top pick for in the luxury category. Silver Cross was founded in 1877, making it the oldest stroller company in the world! The name Silver Cross has long been associated with royalty and has provided strollers for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Silver Cross has continued to adapt and improve their strollers to provide families with only the best quality in baby gear.

   What truly sets the Silver Cross Coast apart are its textiles and details. Chrome and leatherette details and branding give the stroller an extra polished look. The ultra-luxe seats come with soft padded jersey seat liners for additional comfort on the go, and the canopies offer UPF 50+ sun protection with mesh for ventilation and a clear peek-a-boo window. To top it all off, the included bassinet is lined with soft bamboo fabric that is antibacterial and temperature regulating for better naps. The bassinet is approved for overnight sleep when used with the Silver Cross Bassinet Stand.

   The Silver Cross Coast brings luxury to more families than ever before at a more affordable price point. Its frame is made from durable magnesium alloy and the tires have four-wheel independent suspension for a smoother ride. You’ll never have to worry about tire maintenance because the Silver Cross Coast has puncture-proof tires to keep you on the road for longer, hassle free. 

   The Silver Cross Coast is a convertible tandem double, meaning the second seat attaches in front of the main toddler seat and is removable to transform the stroller into a single. With this configuration you get to keep the slim profile of a single stroller for easier maneuvering through doorways and shops. Both stroller seats can face either you or the world so your baby can interact with you when they are young and engage with the world as they grow older.

   Woman pushing Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo with two children through doorwayWoman pushing three children in Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo. One child is on the bugaboo wheeled board

Best Double Stroller For Twins

   The Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo is the best double stroller for twins because of its versatile configurations that never make one sibling feel isolated. Bugaboo knows you want to be able to interact with both of your children while strolling. As a side by side stroller, the Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo allows both siblings to be within arm’s reach. Both toddler seats have the same weight limit of 50 pounds and can recline independently for individualized comfort on the go. The stroller frame can accommodate two bassinets or two car seats with car seat adapters for more convenient family strolls.

   The Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo is one of the easiest to push double strollers out there, featuring impact absorbing foam filled tires and all-wheel suspension that glides easily over any bumps in the road. It won’t even feel like you’re pushing two kids! This easy to maneuver double stroller will also act as your pack horse on the go. In addition to 50 pounds per seat, the stroller can also carry 22 pounds in the storage basket. The Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo can also be pulled behind you for a more stable push through sand and snow. 

   As an added bonus, the Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo is one of the most customizable strollers on the market! Make it your own by choosing the base fabric color, frame color, and canopy color for 24 possible color combinations (not including mismatched canopy combos!). 

   There will be times when you’ll only have one of the kids with you, and pushing a half-empty double stroller just doesn’t seem practical. The Bugaboo Donkey3 Duo can be easily transformed into a single stroller just for those occasions. 

   Black BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 DuallieSide view of a black BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie

Best All-Terrain/Jogging Double Stroller

   If you’re looking for an all-terrain double stroller that can keep up with your active lifestyle, look no further than the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie from Britax! The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie was built to be a beast of burden and is tailored to families who need a dependable stroller for off-road adventures and jogging.

   Made with a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame, the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie can handle whatever your life throws at it. The beefy mountain bike style suspension system absorbs shock and pushes easily over rough terrain, keeping your little passengers more comfortable.

   The swiveling front wheel can be locked for an easier push through sand and snow. The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie also features adjustable front wheel tracking for even more control over your ride. The large air-filled tires make the stroller extremely easy to push, and help absorb the shock of rolling over uneven terrain. 

   Many double jogging strollers are utilitarian and the comfort of the stroller is pushed to the side. The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie has comfort features for both parents and children. Fully upright seating allows your children to sit more comfortably and be engaged, while a single handed recline allows you to individually adjust each seat’s recline position for hassle-free naps. The compression comfort seats themselves provide more comfort to your children, and the adjustable handlebar with foam handlebar grip gives you both a better grip on the stroller and prevents your hands from fatigue.

   The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie also provides ample room to store your items in the storage basket. In addition to the storage basket there are 10 storage pockets for snacks, drinks, toys, or anything else you want to keep at hand.

   The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is compatible with infant car seats using car seat adapters for a more convenient travel system.

Woman pushing two children in grey Valco Snap Duo TrendSide View of woman pushing Valco Snap Duo Trend

Best Lightweight Double Stroller

   All too often, double strollers are extremely bulky and cumbersome in order to support the weight of two children. But just because you have two children doesn’t mean you should have to lug around a 30 pound stroller plus the weight of your children! The Valco Snap Duo Trend is the perfect solution. At only 24 pounds, it is perfect for families who prefer to travel light.

   The Valco Snap Duo Trend’s light weight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all the features you love. Each seat can recline independently up to a full newborn safe recline. Adjustable footrests prevent dangling legs and improve comfort. The sun canopy has two zipper-out extendable panels for full sun protection and undisturbed naps. Peek-a-boo windows in each canopy lets you check in on your babies without having to stop.

   Although the frame of the Valco Snap Duo Trend is lightweight, it is by no means fragile. This versatile stroller can hold up to 45 pounds per seat as well as cargo in the accessible underseat storage basket. 

   Puncture-proof wheels and rear-wheel suspension work together to provide a smooth push that requires no maintenance for your convenience. The Valco Snap Duo Trend is very easy to use, and folding it is no exception. The stroller is easy to fold with one hand only and folds very compactly for easier storage. The seat fabrics are protected when folded, and the stroller can also be freestanding when folded. A carry strap is accessible when the Valco Snap Duo Trend is folded so you can wear the stroller over your shoulder and have your hands free.

   The Valco Snap Duo Trend is compatible with infant car seats and has a universal car seat adapter but does not offer any twin car seat adapters so it is currently only able to be a travel system for siblings.

Woman pushing three kids in UPPAbaby Vista V2 with piggyback ride along board Woman crouching to interact with toddler in UPPAbaby rumbleseat

Best Double Stroller For Storage

   If you’re a parent who is prepared for anything and needs a lot of storage space for your items, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 will be your best friend! The UPPAbaby Vista V2 boasts an extra large and accessible basket that can hold up to 30 pounds! There is plenty of room for the large changing bag required for two kids, with extra room for toys and snacks! The basket has pockets so you can keep your essentials within reach and separated from the rest on your cargo.

   Like many tandem strollers, the UPPAbaby Vista V2 is sold as a single stroller with the extra seat sold separately. UPPAbaby calls their lower seat the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Rumbleseat and it can hold up to 35 pounds compared to the main toddler seat’s 50 pound weight capacity. Both seats are reversible and recline individually for personalized comfort. The toddler seats can be used starting at 3 months, but the UPPAbaby Vista V2 comes with an overnight sleep safe bassinet for use from newborn. 

   The UPPAbaby Vista V2 provides a super smooth ride with large puncture proof rubber wheels and dual-action suspension. The lightweight aluminum frame has a telescopic adjustable handlebar and folds compactly. When folded, the stroller can be freestanding for easier storage. 

   REACH certified leather grips and accents give the stroller a modern and polished look while nine color options allow you to express your personal style in a sea of grey. The tailored canopies have mesh peek-a-boo windows for ventilation and a zipper reveals an extendable panel of UPF 50+ sun protection.

   The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is compatible with a wide range of infant car seats including best sellers like the Nuna Pipa, Nuna Pipa Lite, Nuna Pipa Lite LX, Nuna Pipa Lite R, Nuna Pipa RX for easy conversion to a travel system. It requires no adapters for the UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seat

Black Maclaren Twin Triumph Black Maclaren Twin Triumph side view

Best Double Umbrella Stroller

   Looking for a more travel-friendly option? The Maclaren Twin Triumph is your stroller! This umbrella packs a lot of features onto a small, lightweight frame. Weighing only 23 pounds, the Maclaren Twin Triumph can hold almost 5 times its own weight! Each seat can hold a child from 6 months up until 55 pounds for an amazing total weight capacity of 110 pounds.

   Comfort and convenience are not lost on Maclaren. The Maclaren Twin Triumph’s independent reclining seats have multiple seat positions for comfortable napping. The padded seat fabrics can also be fully removed for easy cleaning. For added comfort for your children, the UPF 50+ canopies are individually operated and feature both a flip out visor and a zipper out extendable panel for full shade.

   For a smoother ride, the Maclaren Twin Triumph has four wheel suspension that will absorb the impact of rolling over cracked sidewalk. The extra wheels help distribute the weight and reduce the stress on the frame, helping the stroller last longer.

   The Maclaren Twin Triumph can be folded with only one hand, making it ideal for quick trips or travel.

  If you still aren’t sure which double stroller is right for you, we want to hear from you! Chat with our experts for free by phone at 866-600-BEAN (2326) or email us your questions at We also offer free shipping for strollers and any items over $49.


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