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Best Compact Mid-Size Strollers 2020 | Stroller Comparison

Best Compact Mid-Size Strollers 2020 | Stroller Comparison


   All too often when looking for strollers, it seems like the stroller that has all the functions you want are just too large. They aren’t easy to get through tight spaces and they take up all of your trunk space, leaving no room for groceries or other necessities. We know shopping online for strollers can be difficult, especially since it can be hard to judge exactly how large the strollers are or how they will feel when you push them. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best compact strollers that will still leave you with some room in your trunk without compromising on the features you love. 

Woman pushing child in Nuna TrivWoman leading child down front steps of building while carrying folded Nuna Triv

Lightest Compact Stroller : Nuna Triv

   The lightest stroller on our list today is the Nuna Triv. Weighing only 19.4 pounds, this compact stroller packs a lot of features onto a light frame! The reversible toddler seat can be reclined fully for newborns and used up until your child weighs 50 pounds. It comes with a merino wool seat liner that you can remove to reveal a mesh summer seat for increased comfort on hot days. 

   If you’re looking for a convenient travel system, the Nuna Triv comes with a  foldable ring adapter for a seamless connection with your Nuna infant car seat. When used as a snap and go, the frame with adapter only weighs 14.6 pounds. However, unlike many snap and go frames, the Nuna Triv has all wheel suspension that glides easily over small bumps and cracks in the road providing a smoother ride for your little one. 

   Convenience is the name of the game for the Nuna Triv, with several features designed with parents in mind. A large and easily accessible storage basket allows you to keep your items within reach. The telescopic extendable handlebar accommodates caregivers of different heights. While many strollers can only be folded with the seat in a specific position, the Nuna Triv can be folded down to the same size regardless of which way you had the seat facing, no extra step required! Even with the included ring adapter attached, no extra bulk is added to the stroller when folded. 

Indigo Cybex Mios2 with rose gold frameFolded Cybex Mios2

Compact Stroller with the Smallest Fold : Cybex Mios2

   If you’re looking for the smallest folding option, the Cybex Mios2 is for you! When folded the Cybex Mios2 measures 29.5 x 19.7 x 13 inches, making it the smallest folding stroller on our list. It can be folded with one hand, making it a great option for parents who will be out alone with the baby and need the extra hand to either hold the baby or infant car seat. Since the stroller stands when folded, it can be tucked away in a closet or entryway without taking up too much floor space. 

   It’s also the stroller with the most designer look, with the option for rose gold or chrome detailing and has premium stitched leather on the handlebar and belly bar. The toddler seat can be reclined fully and used from newborn and has a padded comfort inlay that covers a breathable mesh seat back for comfort no matter the climate. The extra large tailored canopy provides shade and UPF 50+ protection for your child. 

   You also have the option to purchase a Cybex Mios2 Carry Cot to use before the baby is sitting up on their own if you prefer a totally flat surface. The Cybex Mios2 comes with a set of adapters so you can attach your Cybex, Nuna, Clek, or Maxi Cosi infant car seat.

UPPAbaby Cruz v2 in SierraFolded UPPAbaby Cruz v2

Compact Stroller with the Largest Storage Basket : UPPAbaby Cruz V2 

   The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 was designed for the parent who is prepared for everything. Boasting the largest storage basket for a compact stroller, it has room for all your essentials and then some! The hinged arm at the back of the basket allows you to more easily access your items and fit a larger diaper bag underneath the stroller. The storage basket can hold up to 30 pounds of cargo.

   The toddler seat can be used from 3 months up to 50 pounds, but if you want to take your baby for a stroll right from birth you have options. You can purchase the UPPAbaby SnugSeat to make the toddler seat appropriate for newborns when fully reclined or you can buy the UPPAbaby V2 Stroller Bassinet. The UPPAbaby V2 Stroller Bassinet provides your baby with a flat surface that encourages proper spinal development and can also be used as an overnight sleep solution when used with the UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand.

   The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 is equipped to handle more than a little bit of cracked sidewalk. Its large rear wheels and dual-action spring suspension make for a smooth ride on uneven terrain. A telescopic adjustable handlebar prevents tall caregivers from stooping over to push the stroller, and the one-handed recline makes it easier to adjust your child’s position on the go.  

Man interacting with child in Stokke Beat at a skate parkMan holding child while standing behind folded Stokke Beat on a train platform

Most Affordable Compact Stroller : Stokke Beat 

   If you’re looking for a fully functional compact stroller but are on a budget, you should be considering the Stokke Beat. It delivers all the features you’re looking for, and at a price point of $599 it doesn’t totally break the bank. 

   The reversible toddler seat of the Stokke Beat has a full recline for your newborn, and can be used up to 45 pounds. The extendable canopy gives plenty of shade when you’re out on sunny days and has mesh for ventilation. It can be folded with the seat either in the world facing or parent facing position and it only takes one hand to fold it down, no crouching down required! The stroller can be freestanding when folded for easy storage. Medium sized wheels and a shock absorbing suspension system ensure that you’re prepared for any bumps in the road along your way. 

   If you choose, you can purchase the Stokke Beat Carry Cot as an alternative option for strolling with newborns. The Stokke Beat is also compatible with your Nuna, Cybex, Clek, or Maxi Cosi infant car seat using the Stokke Stroller Car Seat Adapters.If you’re looking for a stroller that does it all for a low cost, the Stokke Beat is for you.

Woman and child interacting with toddler in Bugaboo Lynx at the parkFolded Bugaboo Lynx

Compact Stroller with the Best Push : Bugaboo Lynx

   If you want to take your little one on long walks frequently, the Bugaboo Lynx will be your best friend. It has the largest wheels out of any of these compact strollers and you can feel the difference. The Bugaboo Lynx glides easily over grass, cobblestone, gravel, or sidewalk and is the most comfortable push. Its short wheel base also ensures that it’s agile enough to be city and shop friendly. Responsive rear wheel suspension helps absorb the shock of going over bumps, giving your baby a super smooth ride. 

   The reclining seat of the Bugaboo Lynx is for children 6 months and older, up to 50 pounds. You can purchase the Bugaboo Lynx Bassinet Fabric in order to use the stroller with newborns, or use it as a travel system. The Bugaboo Turtle infant car seat works on the frame without adapters, but if you already have a Nuna, Clek, Cybex or Maxi Cosi car seat you simply need to use the Bugaboo Fox/Lynx Stroller Car Seat Adapters in order to create your travel system.

   Bugaboo strollers are known for their durability and sleek style, and the Bugaboo Lynx is no exception. Crafted with high-grade aerospace aluminum, the frame can withstand everyday use for multiple children without breaking or showing its age while still being lightweight. Tailored fabric and chic color options give the stroller a distinctly classy look. 

 If you still aren’t sure which compact stroller is right for you, book a free consultation with us and get one-on-one personalized recommendations. You can also chat with our experts by phone at 866-600-BEAN (2326) or email us your questions at We also offer free shipping for strollers and any items over $49. 

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