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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Bedlam time

Bedlam Puzzle

Get excited. The Bedlam Puzzle is a 3D puzzle that has taken the UK by storm. It’s basically 13 oddly shaped pieces that fit into a square box. There are, in fact, over 19,186 different ways to make them fit into a perfect square. But there are so many possible combinations that it’s actually incredibly challenging to find even a single solution. I played with a version of this puzzle at FAO Schwarz during Toy Fair, and then got another version, the Tetris Cube, as a giveaway at the show itself. It is easily the most addictive puzzle I have ever encountered. So, since we loved them so much, we decided to import them from England. They’ve just arrived, and we are selling them in our store and online. We are stocking three versions, the Mini, the Retro and the Egglam – the hardest of them all, with 12 white pieces and 1 yellow one. There are only 198 ways to get the “yolk” in the center. The Bedlam Puzzle is equally entertaining for children and adults, but it will be embarrassing if your kid solves it first.
Good luck, and have fun.

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