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Balance, build, and strategize with games from Foxmind

Equilibrio Game by FoxmindNot since Blue Orange have I found a company with a suite of games that are all fresh, smart, fun, and great for all ages. Foxmind makes a group of solitaire, thinking, and spatial logic games. I opened 3 of the games at our Magic Beans store in Hingham today: Equilibrio, Zoologic, and Meta-Forms – and thoroughly distracted the staff for about an hour encouraging them to stop what they were doing to play these games. Zoologic and Meta-Forms were both really fun, and had a sudoku-like quality to them combined with logic and matching. But Equilibrio is the game that I was most impressed with.

When I opened the box, I discovered a set of small, orange plastic blocks in different shapes, as well as a companion book that showed pictures of block towers to build. Seemed like a breeze. Of course I flipped to the end of the book to seek out the more challenging structures to build. And after the third topple, I quickly started back at page 1. While playing Equilibrio, you are not simply building, but also considering advanced balance and strategy to successfully create the structures. It felt like I was building a 3D Jenga Tangram. Equilibrio is challenging, and uses spatial reasoning skills that go beyond what you’d typically find in most games.

I have a  feeling this is going to be my top recommendation for a travel activity and birthday party gift for a while.

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