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BabyBjörn Carriers: Which One is Right for You?

BabyBjörn Carriers: Which One is Right for You?

We’re huge fans of the BabyBjörn brand. This Swedish family-owned company makes safe, easy-to-use, and well-designed products for babies and parents. BabyBjörn products are designed with safety in mind, made from high-quality fabrics, and developed in collaboration with medical specialists. The ergonomic designs provide the proper support for baby’s neck, back, head, and hips while keeping parents comfortable. As a bonus, all BabyBjörn carriers are machine washable.

What are the Benefits of Babywearing? 

Babywearing fosters closeness and gives your baby a sense of security. It enhances the bond between parent and baby, especially during the beginning stages of life. Baby will be able to hear your voice, feel your warmth, and smell your scent, all of which foster a bond between the two of you. Holding baby close will allow you to communicate easily, further encouraging language development. Babywearing also allows you to be hands-free, making it easier to tidy up the house, cook, or play with another child while holding baby close. 

BabyBjörn offers a variety of carriers for different stages of your child’s journey. Choosing baby gear can be a bit overwhelming, and we're passionate about simplifying your decision-making process. Let’s break down the different BabyBjörn carriers so you can confidently choose the right one for your family. 

What to Consider Before Buying a BabyBjörn Carrier

The BabyBjorn carriers can be divided into two basic categories: carriers for newborn age (facing in or out) or carriers for older babies (facing in, out, or on your back). The Mini and the Free (a better fit for newborns) are meant to be worn only on your front. On the other hand, the One and the Harmony (both a better fit for older babies) can be worn on your back. The reality is that most parents will wear a baby carrier on their front and then move on to a stroller once the baby is past the newborn stage. Wearing your baby on your back is in the minority. This is something to consider if you think you’ll only wear your carrier on the front. If so, then go for the Mini or the Free. 

Baby Carriers for Newborns

BabyBjorn Mini

BabyBjörn Mini - The newborn carrier

The BabyBjörn Mini is made especially for newborns. It’s flexible and straightforward to adjust. The clever design allows you to easily take it on and off, making it perfect for frequent, short babywearing sessions. The Mini offers sturdy and adjustable head support, and you can even check your newborn’s position through the fabric with your hands. It’s a less expensive option but limited in its length of use. 

  • Perfect for those first few months of babywearing
  • Can be positioned from newborn, facing in, or facing out
  • Use from 0-12 months, 7-24 lbs, or 21-30 inches
  • Choose from soft jersey, breathable mesh, or cozy cotton
BabyBjörn Free

BabyBjörn Free - The begin-to-explore carrier

The BabyBjörn Free is a comfortable carrier perfect for an active lifestyle. Like the BabyBjörn Mini, you can use this carrier from newborn, but the Free better suits parents with an active lifestyle. The ergonomic design features back support, a waist belt, and padded shoulder straps. The width of the seat area is adjustable so that you can ensure the baby is always sitting comfortably. 

  • Great for when it’s time to start going on walks or running errands 
  • Can be positioned from newborn, facing in, or facing out
  • Use from 0-15 months, 7-26 lbs, or 21-33 inches
  • Made from a soft, breathable mesh

Baby Carriers for Newborn to Toddler

BabyBjörn One

BabyBjörn One - The out-and-about carrier

The BabyBjörn One is a classic baby carrier. It’s perfect for long periods and can be worn on your back, unlike the Mini and Free. As your baby grows and becomes heavier, carrying them on your back often feels more comfortable. 

  • A sturdy, structured carrier with many adjustable features
  • Evaluated as “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Can be positioned from newborn, facing in, facing out, or on your back
  • Use from 0-3 years, 8-33 lbs, or 21-39 inches
  • Made from cozy cotton with a soft, breathable mesh
BabyBjörn Harmony

BabyBjörn Harmony - The I-want-it-all carrier

The BabyBjörn Harmony is unique in that it’s a soft-structured, flexible carrier made with a luxurious mesh. The padded straps and pressure-relieving belt add to its already comfortable design. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and perfect for traveling. The Harmony offers head support in three positions that easily adjust with a few simple snaps. Thanks to two different height positions (one for newborns and one for older babies), the Harmony can be used longer as your baby grows. Like the BabyBjörn One, the Harmony can be used on your back, but please wait until your baby is at least one-year-old to change to this position. 

  • A super soft, comfy, and stylish carrier that offers comfort and closeness
  • Evaluated as “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Can be positioned from newborn, facing in, facing out, or on your back
  • Use from 0-3 years, 7-40 lbs, and 21-39 in

As a whole, BabyBjörn carriers are easy to work with, fasten properly, and provide a sense of security for both you and baby. With just a few simple clicks and adjustments, you can easily place baby in a BabyBjörn carrier and go about your day. We hope this guide answers any questions you may have, but please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts for any additional help. We’re passionate about simplifying your life so that you can enjoy more precious moments with your children.

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