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Baby Jogger releases City Micro series

Baby Jogger releases City Micro series

city_microWhen I saw the City Mini stroller for the first time in Las Vegas in 2007, it was love at first sight. My reaction to the new City Micro wasn’t quite as strong, but I do think they’ve hit a great price point. At $159.99, the City Micro single is a great option for a car/travel stroller. As with all Baby Jogger City strollers, the Micro has an incredibly quick, easy fold. It handles decently, though not quite as responsive as the Mini. Also, it is counterintuitive, but because of the use of alloy instead of aluminum in the frame, the City Micro is actually heavier than the City Mini. (In the picture here, the City Mini is on the right while the City Micro is on the left.)

For the stripped down price point, you get a stripped down canopy, a much more slight recline and smaller wheels. The fabric and seat padding are also not as substantial. But all of the City series accessories are cross-compatible, so you can get a Micro to keep in the trunk of your car and a City Elite for neighborhood walks, and they can share the same snack tray or car seat adaptor.

Guess what? I have another video. This was my first baby show in possession of my new Flip video camera and I had a little too much fun. Hopefully it’s not getting annoying. A picture’s worth a thousand words, right?

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