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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Baby Jogger joins the team

Baby Jogger City SeriesAfter a lot of careful consideration, thoughtful feedback from parents and thorough demonstrations, we decided to add Baby Jogger to our selection of active-lifestyle strollers. The City series is very similar to the Mountain Buggy Urbans and the Valco Runabouts, but they offer a folding mechanism that rivals the Inglesina Zippy for its incredible simplicity. In the crook of the stroller seat, there’s a webbed nylon handle that says “FOLD”. Basically, you grab the handle and lift. The stroller magically folds. That’s it. It’s so easy it will take your breath away.

Aside from the fold, the Baby Joggers stand up solidly against the competition when it comes to handling. Both the single and double models are well-balanced and responsive. The range of accessories is limited, but growing rapidly, and includes a bassinet attachment for the single model, and coming August 1, a car seat adaptor for Graco infant car seats (also for the single model). There’s a rainbow of new colors coming this fall, but for now the strollers are available in basic black, navy and red.

The all-terrain stroller market is becoming increasingly crowded, and no doubt it’s confusing for parents to try and make a decision between all these different models. My best advice is to try each one. Most people find that they can tell very quickly which one they like, once they have a chance to push it around.

In addition to the City Series, we are also stocking the Performance Series. Eli and I have recently started running, and we’ve done some fairly extensive research on the best strollers for serious runners. The Baby Jogger Performance seems to be the gold standard, thanks to a sleek, aerodynamic single-piece frame. Folding is not so easy on this fairly mammoth beast, but if you’re training for the Boston Marathon (or any other big race), you aren’t worried about folding your stroller – you just want to cross that finish line.

For more information on Baby Jogger, visit their website.

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