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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Baby Jogger downsizes

Baby Jogger downsizes

Baby Jogger City MiniEvaluating new products isn’t usually straightforward. It’s very rare that I’ll see something and know immediately whether or not it will succeed, but when I feel that sense of certainty, I always follow my gut.
On the last day of the show, I finally got around to the Baby Jogger booth. I wasn’t expecting anything earth-shattering, but lo and behold I was wrong. Baby Jogger has designed a new extension to the City Series, their all-terrain line with swiveling front wheels.

The City Series Minis are just that – small. And light. Instead of large pneumatic tires, these have smaller foam wheels. It’s not the design of these strollers that’s so exciting, nor is it the patented fast-fold mechanism that has made the regular City Series so popular, but what’s truly impressive is the way these strollers handle. The stroller was phenomenally responsive and the ride seemed very smooth. I’d venture to say, from strictly a performance perspective, it’s the nicest compact three-wheeler I’ve ever tried. Aesthetically, though, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Quinny. But the City Mini also comes in a double version that is, at 23 pounds, easily one of the lightest side-by-side double strollers on the market. And check out those canopies! The single weighs just under 17 pounds and will tentatively retail for $199, while the double will be $349.

Accessories of all kinds will be available for both models, though there will not be a car seat adapter for the double stroller at launch. They are still trying to figure out if that’s a possibility. Colors will include this orange/silver combination, black, red, green and royal blue.

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