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Baby Jogger City Mini GT vs UPPAbaby Cruz: The best strollers for the suburbs

Baby Jogger City Mini GT vs UPPAbaby Cruz: The best strollers for the suburbs

baby-jogger-city-mini-gt-stroller-teal-grey-2014-BJ15429While full-sized strollers have their merits when you live in the ‘burbs, they really shine in the city: you don’t need to wrestle your huge, fully-featured stroller in and out of the car to enjoy all of the awesome features and that smooth, smooth push. “House strollers” like the Bugaboo Buffalo and the UPPAbaby Vista are at their best in these environments – it’s all fun and no struggle.

Unfortunately, if you live in the suburbs (like, for instance, folks near our stores in Fairfield, Connecticut or Norwell, Massachusetts), you’re more likely to be loading your stroller into your car before you take your child anywhere fun. But you want all of those same terrific features, right? So here are two of my top choices for suburban families: the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and the UPPAbaby Cruz.

Like the rest of the Baby Jogger stable, the City Mini GT has the coolest, easiest fold – just pull up a strap and it whaps into a wonderfully compact package! The GT also has wonderful all-terrain wheels that never go flat and can really take a beating, meaning that you can cruise through the playground and skim over cracked sidewalks without worry. The only downsides, in my opinion, are that the GT doesn’t have a reversible seat and the look isn’t as stylish as, say, the Cruz.

uppababy-cruz-2015-pascal-0181-pasThe UPPAbaby Cruz mimics the sleek, glamorous look of the Vista in a smaller package – if you’re craving a Cameleon or Vista but are going to be heaving it in and out of the car a lot, go with the Cruz! The wheels have been improved for 2015 (although it doesn’t have the tough-as-nails all-terrain capacity of the GT), and it has that all-important reversible seat, so your child can gaze up at you as you stroll. Finally, if you want to use your Cruz as a travel system, it’s incredibly easy – the UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat pops on without adapters!

Not only are these strollers great and high-quality, but they are also more affordable than those gorgeous “house strollers,” making them a great pick if you’re nervous about all the expenditures that go into growing your family.

Got more questions? Of course you do! Come into any Magic Beans store and our amazing stroller experts will hook you up with a stroller test drive and help you select the stroller of your dreams. Or, just give us a call or hop onto live chat! We’re here to help.


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