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Baby Carrier Comparison: the 2016 Babybjorn Carrier One & the 2016 Beco Baby Gemini

Baby Carrier Comparison: the 2016 Babybjorn Carrier One & the 2016 Beco Baby Gemini

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I have total heart eyes over baby carriers. Carriers are just the best, and I’m a serious baby carrier evangelist! But there are so many good options out there to choose from, and it can be really hard to figure out which one is best for you. (Unless you come see us at Magic Beans. Not to brag or anything but… we make it easy for you!)

Today, as part of our mission to simplify the buying process, we’ll break it down and look at just two fantastic soft structured carriers. Let’s take a look at the 2016 Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One  and the 2016 Beco Gemini.


The 2016 Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One

baby carriers babybjorn carrier oneI try not to pick sides, but this is my personal favorite soft structured baby carrier. It’s super comfortable, super secure, super well made. It’s just super! You can use this carrier from birth to age 3, and you do not need an infant insert for a newborn. It holds up to 33 pounds.

I love that you can adjust the length of the carrier as your baby grows. The adjustable seat width offers a nice wide seat to support your baby’s legs and hips safely as they grow. The wide waist belt offers great stability and comfort for you as it distributes some of the baby’s weight from your shoulders to your hips. The Baby Carrier One has four different carry positions; higher front facing in for newborns, lower front facing in for older babies, front facing out, and back carry. It truly is a fantastic carrier that grows with your baby!


The 2016 Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

baby carriers beco gemini 2016The 2016 Beco Gemini is a great baby carrier that does so much without too many bells and whistles getting in your way. Many people who love the Gemini love the fact that it’s not covered in so many buckles and snaps. I’ve found that parents who tend to get overwhelmed by the “bulk” of many soft structured carriers tend to favor the Beco Gemini. They did add a waist belt pocket in the 2016 carrier, which offers you some storage without adding any extra bulk to the carrier. You can use this carrier from birth to age 3, no need for an insert, and it holds up to 35 pounds.

The body of this baby carrier is super wide and tall, which supports your baby as she grows. The seat base adjusts in width to ensure a healthy seat for a baby at any age. The padded shoulder straps and waist band make this a super comfortable and supportive carrier for you. One of my favorite features of the Beco Gemini is that you can crisscross the straps on your back to help distribute the weight of your baby, if that is more comfortable for you! There are four different carry position options; two front carries (facing in and out), back carry, and a hip carry! The 2016 Beco Gemini is a spectacular carrier!


Both of these carriers are wonderful: they both have very similar features but are also very different in their own right. Ultimately, the right baby carrier for you is going to be the one that just “feels” right, and you won’t know until you try them. So please, if you can, pop into a Magic Beans store and come talk carriers with us! We would LOVE to help you try these on and find the best possible carrier for you!


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