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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Baby Bouncer Comparison Updated: The 2016 4Moms Mamaroo vs Nuna Leaf with Wind

Baby Bouncer Comparison Updated: The 2016 4Moms Mamaroo vs Nuna Leaf with Wind

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Baby rockers and bouncers are a great addition to a household, both soothing your child and keeping them safely contained if you are occupied around the house. There are two different kinds of baby bouncer: ones that are electrical, and others that move with the motion of your child.

While bouncers that your baby can move on their own help to develop their muscles, it takes a while before they can adequately soothe themselves, and this gets tricky when you need to keep your child busy while you’re preoccupied with errands around the house. Thus, electrically powered bouncers!

baby bouncer nuna leaf windWe’ve compared the the Nuna Leaf Floating Baby Lounger with the 4Moms Mamaroo Bouncer & Swing before, and at that time, the major difference was that the Leaf was your electricity-free option, with a lovely aesthetic and a unique side-to-side sway, while the Mamaroo was your plug-and-play option.

Since then, though, the Leaf has changed: the Nuna Leaf Wind Baby Lounger Motion Accessory can attach to the bottom, moving the Leaf baby bouncer for you. It’s a big plus: the only disadvantage of the Leaf, previously, was that it needed a little push from you every two minutes or so to keep it going, so you couldn’t walk away to take a shower or do the dishes. Now, with the Wind, you plug in a mini USB cord (included with your purchase), and the Wind will swing your child softly from side to side unassisted! Although there is only one movement, the Wind lets you switch things up with six different speeds (which can be adjusted on the simple touch sensor control panel) to soothe and satisfy your child.

The Wind accessory can be used on the Nuna Leaf Baby Bouncer until your child weighs up to 25 pounds; once your child has exceeded the 25 pound maximum, you will need to set aside your Leaf until your child has the ability to sit up on his or her own (around six months). But after that, your Leaf rocker can hold up to 130 pounds and can be used as a toddler seat in your child’s play or bed room!

baby bouncer mamaroo plushThe Leaf also includes an organic cotton insert made with certified Oeko-Tex® fabric, free from harmful substances. And you can add a Toy Bar to keep your baby occupied if she’s awake in the Leaf as well.

The Mamaroo is a more deluxe bouncer, with five speeds and sounds to comfortably soothe your child as you would naturally. The designers at 4Moms studied how parents naturally bounce their children to create five movements: car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and the ocean wave. Additionally, you can choose from five different speeds for each motion, so you can tailor the motion exactly to what your baby likes best.

To add more entertainment and soothing for your baby, the Mamaroo has five built in sounds, and 4Moms also gives you the option to plug in a music device through a headphone jack. When your infant is awake, there is a toy bar accessory which you can hang above for your child to play with.

The 4Moms Mamaroo baby bouncer also offers adjustable seat recline, allowing for a comfortable and soothing nap. Furthermore, the Mamaroo comes in two fabrics – classic and plush with a little more padding. Both fabrics can be zipped off and thrown into the washing machine if there are any accidents – super easy!

You can start using the Mamaroo at birth, and it holds up to 25 pounds. However, if your child begins to sit up and try and climb out prior to that weight, it’s probably time to stop using the Mamaroo.

Baby bouncers and rockers are a necessity in order to keep your child comfortable and preoccupied in order for you to tend to matters around the house. Both the Mamaroo and Leaf include a comfortably padded seat, allowing for uninterrupted slumber. Additionally, each can be moved without hassle from room to room, making relocation simple. Some newborns will enjoy the Mamaroo Baby Bouncer with its five speeds and sounds while others, will prefer the side to side motion of the Leaf Baby Bouncer, with or without the Wind accessory. If you are unsure which rocker is most beneficial for you and your little one, come by Magic Beans for a run down on the Mamaroo and Leaf!


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