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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Baby Bjorn lightens up

Baby Bjorn introduced two new products at the ABC show, a new carrier and a travel crib. The carrier is called Synergy, aptly named since it’s basically a cross between the popular Active carrier and the lightweight Air carrier. This was an excellent decision. The Active carrier has been a parent favorite because of its upgraded lumbar support system, which distributes the weight of the baby onto the wearer’s hips. The Air carrier uses the same design as the Original carrier, distributing all the weight onto the wearer’s shoulders. This design is OK for smaller babies, but it becomes uncomfortable after an extended period of time, particularly if the little passenger is over 15 pounds or so. The key selling point of the Air carrier is the hi-tech breathable fabric which makes it so much more comfortable for both wearer and passenger, particularly in warm weather. Plus, because it didn’t have the stiffer lumbar piece, the carrier could be stuffed into a very small pouch for easy portability. But parents weren’t willing to trade the extra support for the cooler fabric and smaller package, so the Air carrier has been a disappointment. The Synergy will offer the best of both worlds. It will retail for $159.99.

The Travel Crib Light is a travel crib that’s incredibly easy to use. I could describe it, but I took a video. Check that out instead.

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