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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Baby Basics with Carole Kramer Arsenault

Baby Basics: Hear essential secrets and reassuring answers from Carole Kramer Arsenault, Wednesday, March 23 at 7 p.m. at the Magic Beans Brookline Store (312 Harvard St.) Reserve your FREE spot now!

On Wednesday evening, Carole Kramer Arsenault, RN, IBCLC, the founder of Boston Baby Nurses and author of the newly released Baby Nurse Bible,  is coming to Magic Beans to share her extensive knowledge with new and expecting parents.

Throughout her 10 years working as a labor and delivery nurse, Arsenault gained extensive experience dealing with anxious first-time parents. After becoming a lactation consultant, she founded Boston Baby Nurses, an agency that provides lactation and postpartum services to women and babies. Over the last decade she has successfully assisted hundreds of new and expecting parents in transitioning into their new roles as parents with tips on sleep, schedules, soothing, calming, and infant development. She is also an authority on environmental toxins relating to pregnancy and the newborn – what’s harmful and what isn’t.

As an expert in her field, Arsenault worked for years to develop a book that she believed would be beneficial to all expecting parents, based on the needs and experiences of her clients.  “The Baby Nurse Bible: Secrets Only A Baby Nurse Can Tell You About Having And Caring For Your Baby,” responds to the questions, concerns, and feelings that most of her clients share.

We’re so excited that she’s decided to share her knowledge with our customers at this talk on Wednesday, March 23rd. Her Baby Basics talk will cover the baseline knowledge that new parents need to care for their babies. She’ll cover a wide range of topics, including setting up routines, developmental milestones, creating time for yourself as a mother, how new dads can help, nursing tips, and more. The presentation will be one hour long, with a Q&A session following so that you can get answers for your most pressing baby questions.

Arsenault’s new book will be available for purchase at the event, and we’re raffling off a Mobywrap gift package! Carole will begin her talk at 7 p.m. at our store on 312 Harvard Street in Brookline.

To join us for the event, reserve your FREE ticket on our eventbrite page:

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