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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Attention Connecticut and Westchester! DROOL is coming up on August 27!

Attention Connecticut and Westchester! DROOL is coming up on August 27!


There are a lot of things that are fun about discovering that you’ve got a new family member on the way: speculating about whether it’s a boy or a girl, coming up with names, designing your nursery, and hearing your mom explode with excitement when you tell her that she’s going to be a Grandma! There are other aspects of the process, though, that aren’t so much fun – mostly, worrying about whether you’re ready. (Sorry to bring down the mood there…)

drool consultThat’s where the professionals come in: your obstetrician, your birthing class instructor, lactation specialists, and yes, Magic Beans. Our mission is ensuring that you have every piece of equipment you’ll need when your baby arrives on the scene, and our number one resource for you is the Drool Baby Expo, coming to Greenwich, CT this August.

Like our store selection, Drool features only the best products from the best brands – everything you’ll find at each booth meets our impossibly high standards of quality. You’ll only find good choices (but there will be a lot of ’em), so your goal at Drool will be to seek out the baby equipment that’s perfect for YOU. Don’t worry, though – you’ll have a ton of guidance on your way! Not only will Magic Beans gear experts be on hand to help you out, but you can also try out every item, and talk to the people behind the products.

drool demoNot only will you hear about the features that make each product special, but you’ll hear exactly why those features are important and how they’ll make your life easier, from people who are passionate about the products they create. You can fold and unfold strollers, touch fabrics, click car seats on and off bases, examine every snap on every onesie, and at the end of the evening, you can purchase items you can’t wait to use, feeling absolutely confident about everything that you bought. (Since every vendor will be offering excellent one-night-only deals, you’ll also be spending far less than you thought you would!)

drool cupcakesBut that’s not all – we want to make sure this whirlwind tour through the world of baby gear is FUN, too! At Drool, you’ll experience plenty of pampering, including free spa treatments, delicious mocktails and other refreshments, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet hundreds of other expectant parents from your town who would absolutely love to make a new mommy-friend. And if you buy a Standard or VIP ticket, you’ll be leaving with a gift bag heaped with cool products and offers that will be super useful when baby arrives.

So… what are you waiting for? Get your Drool tickets today!

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