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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

At First Sight

Do you remember how it was at the beginning?

You were struck by their looks, or perhaps their charm. You thought to yourself,

Now here’s something interesting.

And then, face to face, the charm and beauty feel quirky. And you’re left uncertain. Perhaps you fell too quickly? (It’s happened before.) Or perhaps you’re just nervous at the prospect of something new. But here you are, in this situation, strolling through town together (even running errands!) and before you know it days have past. And it just feels so right, so natural.

But will my daughter feel the same way?

And my daughter? All giggles and smiles. All over town she’s carried, content and comfortable. She looks over at this new “friend” and with her nineteen-month-old wisdom proclaims,


Oh, how we laughed!
And this is the beginning. The beginning of me and the MicraLite.

And we say goodnight at the front door. And I rest my hand for a moment on her soft handlebar. And it’s only later on, laying awake in bed, that my head begins to spin, the doubts creep in.

Is this really the one for me?

What will my husband think?

It’s all so new, should I really take the plunge and bring her with me overseas? That’s commitment.

Oh, Commitment.

And can she handle Jerusalem?

So sweet and petite, how will she handle the stone and dust? The stairs and crowds? Jerusalem, where eighteen-year-old girls carry machine guns and little old Bubbies push you out of the way. Land of the hardy.

How will you hold up?

A decision is made. Tomorrow we leave. I will tell you how it goes . . . this new affair. Will it last? Will it fall apart? Or is this one . . . for keeps?

More to come . . . .

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